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Italy tag and some other things...


First of all, sorry for no express in italian. I understand, but I don't write it

I observe that in all islands of Venezia, it appears "Italy". I think it must not appear. Because Venezia is part of Italy, perhaps we have to create a relation? For example, In Balearic Islands, it does not appear "Spain" in every island see. Anyone could do anything?

For the other hand, the majorty of the names of the streets are in capitalize letters. I think we could fix it: visible_name=<name with big caps> and name=<name with only first letters in big cap>. I don't know the ortography of italian, but surely "Calle del Ridotto" is not written "CALLE DEL RIDOTTO". Is "Calle del Ridotto", "calle del Ridotto" (catalan ortographic version), "Calle Del Ridotto" (german ortographic version)? Anyone knows italian?

Finally, Bing WMS layer is avaliable. JOSM user could use it to improve the map. Just say it. Overall it could be help with the line of the coast, moorings and building limits.

Thanks, --Xan 12:47, 11 May 2011 (BST)

Vaporetto lines


I update the lines of vaporetto. I hope it could be useful for complete or checking water routes.

Pedestrian street or footway?

Hi! Looking on OSM Venezia the main pedestrian street (calli) are marked with footway style - a dashed red line - I think that the great number of these street in a little space make hard the map reading: maybe a footway is the better choiche for an hiking trail. I suggest to convert all the main Venice street in "pedestrian street", more clear and it mean the same thing. What do you think about? Luca81 15:21, 11 July 2011 (BST)