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Event Calendar ±
Social 26 Oct Stammtisch Ulmer Alb, Urspring, Germany Germany
Social 26 Oct Stammtisch, Düsseldorf, Germany Germany Düsseldorf
Mapping party 26 Oct Missing Maps @ IPIS, Antwerp, Belgium Belgium
Mapping party 27 Oct Humanitarian Mapathon Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado, US US Colorado
Mapping party 27 Oct Missing Maps Mapathon [Université Paris 8], Saint-Denis, Seine-Saint-Denis, France France
Conference 27 Oct 1st Meetup OSGeo-PT, Albergaria-a-Velha, Portugal Portugal
Social 27 Oct Stammtisch, Braunschweig, Germany Germany
Conference 28–29 Oct Oficina de Dados Abertos, Águeda, Portugal Portugal
Mapping party 29 Oct 近江八幡漫遊マップづくり 第2回諸国・浪漫マッピングパーティー, Omihachiman, Japan Japan
Mapping party 29 Oct Mapathon Hirikalabs - Missing Maps, Donostia, Spain Spain
Conference 29 Oct Conferencia en Festival Misionero de Software Libre, Posadas, Argentina Argentina
Conference 29 Oct OpenStreetMap Workshop @ Project NOAH, Manila, Philippines Philippines
Pizza 29–30 Oct Hack Weekend, Karlsruhe, Germany Germany Karlsruhe
Meeting 31 Oct Taipei Meetup, Mozilla Community Space, Taipei, Taiwan Taiwan
Social 1 Nov OSM Stammtisch Rostock, Rostock, Germany Germany
Social 2 Nov Stammtisch, Stuttgart, Germany Germany
Social 3 Nov Lübecker Mappertreffen, Germany Germany
Social 3 Nov Stammtisch, Dresden, Germany Germany Dresden
Pizza 3 Nov Hack Evening (58. Wiener Stammtisch), Wien, Austria Austria Wien
Social 4 Nov OSM-Stammtisch Zittau, Zittau, Germany Germany
Mapping party 4–6 Nov Mapping party Levoča, Levoča, Slovakia Slovakia
Mapping party 5 Nov ラブライブ!サンシャイン マッピングパーティ2(Cartoon anime "LoveLive! Sunshine!!" Mapping party), Numazu, Japan Japan
Mapping party 6 Nov Découverte d'OpenStreetMap pour l'humanitaire, Rennes, France France
Social 8 Nov Rencontre mensuelle mappeurs, Lyon, France France
Social 8 Nov Landshut Stammtisch, Landshut, Germany Germany
Social 9 Nov Stammtisch München, München, Germany Germany
Social 10 Nov 101. Berlin-Brandenburg Stammtisch, Berlin, Germany Germany
Mapping party 12 Nov Mappingparty auf dem Rangierbahnhof, Mainz-Bischofsheim, Germany Germany
Social 13 Nov Stammtisch, Dortmund, Germany Germany Dortmund
Social 15 Nov Bonner Stammtisch, Bonn, Germany Germany
Social 15 Nov Mappertreffen Lüneburg, Lüneburg, Germany Germany
Social 15 Nov Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom Scotland
Mapping party 15 Nov Humanitarian Mapathon Front Range Community College, Longmont, Colorado, US US Colorado
Social 19 Nov Stammtisch, Essen, Germany Germany Essen
Mapping party 19 Nov 諸国・浪漫マッピングパーティー:第3回 松尾大社、地蔵院(Matsuo-taisha Shinto Shrine and Jizoin Buddhist temple), Kyoto, Japan Japan
Mapping party 19 Nov 東京!街歩き!マッピングパーティ:第2回 護国寺(Gokokuji Buddhist temple), Tokyo, Japan Japan
Social 22 Nov Derby, Derby, United Kingdom United Kingdom
Social 23 Nov Stammtisch, Karlsruhe, Germany Germany Karlsruhe
Social 24 Nov Stammtisch Ulmer Alb, Urspring, Germany Germany
Conference 25–27 Nov State of the Map Latam 2016, Sao Paulo, Brazil Brazil
Meeting 28 Nov Taipei Meetup, Mozilla Community Space, Taipei, Taiwan Taiwan
Social 28 Nov Bremer Mappertreffen, Bremen, Germany Germany Bremen
Social 28 Nov Stammtisch, Graz, Austria Austria Graz
Meeting 29 Nov Rencontres mensuelles, Rennes, France France
Social 30 Nov Stammtisch, Düsseldorf, Germany Germany Düsseldorf
  Future events
Conference 4–5 Feb Logo of FOSDEM FOSDEM 2017, Brussels, Belgium Belgium
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