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Country or territory with flag Area Population
(July 2009 est.)
Population density Capital OSM Relation
Flag of Argentina Argentina  km² 40,482,000 14.3/km² (37/sq mi) Buenos Aires 286393 (x i j p h a m r)
Flag of Aruba Aruba (Netherlands) 180 km² 107,000 594.4/km² (1,539.5/sq mi) Oranjestad Relation not defined yet
Flag of Bolivia Bolivia 1,098,581 km² 10,027,254 9.13/km² (23.6/sq mi) Sucre 252645 (x i j p h a m r)
Flag of Bonaire Bonaire (Netherlands) 294 km² 16,541 56.26/km² (23.6/sq mi) Kralendijk Relation not defined yet
Flag of Brazil Brazil  km² 191,241,714 22/km² (57/sq mi) Brasília 59470 (x i j p h a m r)
Flag of Chile Chile  km² 16,928,873 21.1/km² (54.6/sq mi) Santiago 167454 (x i j p h a m r)
Flag of Colombia Colombia  km² 45,928,970 40/km² (103.6/sq mi) Bogotá 120027 (x i j p h a m r)
Flag of Curaçao Curaçao (Netherlands) 444 km² 140,794 317.1/km² (821.3/sq mi) Willemstad Relation not defined yet
Flag of Ecuador Ecuador  km² 14,573,101 53.8/km² (139.3/sq mi) Quito 108089 (x i j p h a m r)
Flag of Falkland Islands Falkland Islands (United Kingdom)  km² 3,140 0.26/km² (0.7/sq mi) Port Stanley 1979517 (x i j p h a m r)
Flag of French Guiana French Guiana (France)  km² 221,500 2.7/km² (5.4/sq mi) Cayenne 1260551 (x i j p h a m r)
Flag of Guyana Guyana  km² 772,298 3.5/km² (9.1/sq mi) Georgetown 287083 (x i j p h a m r)
Flag of Paraguay Paraguay  km² 6,831,306 15.6/km² (40.4/sq mi) Asunción 287077 (x i j p h a m r)
Flag of Peru Peru  km² 29,132,013 21.7/km² (56.2/sq mi) Lima 288247 (x i j p h a m r)
Flag of South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands (United Kingdom)  km² 20 0/km² (0/sq mi) Grytviken 1983628 (x i j p h a m r)
Flag of Suriname Suriname  km² 472,000 2.7/km² (7/sq mi) Paramaribo 287082 (x i j p h a m r)
Flag of Uruguay Uruguay  km² 3,477,780 19.4/km² (50.2/sq mi) Montevideo 287072 (x i j p h a m r)
Flag of Venezuela Venezuela  km² 26,814,843 30.2/km² (78.2/sq mi) Caracas 272644 (x i j p h a m r)
Total 17,824,513 km² 385,742,554 21.5/km² (55.7/sq mi)