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All my contributions to the wiki and to osm are in the WTFPL licence. Therefore :

Public domain
All my contributions to OpenStreetMap are released into the public domain. This applies worldwide.
In case this is not legally possible, I grant anyone the right to use my contributions for any purpose, without any conditions, unless such conditions are required by law.

Me in OSM

My name is sylvain letuffe (aka sly), I live in chambéry, savoie, france in the alps and an OSM contributor since january 2008

Since November 2012 I'm member of the DWG and FR:Groupe_d'accompagnement (equivalent of the DWG for the french community)

My login in osm is and my "mechanical edit" account is

I'm one of the french community's servers system administator (you can see french servers's list or contact the french technical group)


  • email : sylvain A letuffe o r g
  • XMPP :

What am I contributing on ?


Mainly contributing in France and near where I live where hiking trails, mountain related features, sport amenities is what I prefere to contribute on. But also contributing admin boudaries.

Wiki things

  • Anything that comes close to mountain sports gets my attention So the Hiking page is a good start and I'm working on it.

Dev and admin on tools and services

I'm a system administrator at work and a bit of a developper for pleasure and like geo datas. I'm involve in :

My current (2014) opinion on OSM's management

Wiki votes

I admit wiki voting for proposal has flaws (like some people voting on tags they haven't used at all, not everyone knows a vote is running,...), but that is still the best we have and I support it as being better than nothing. Improving it is the way to go not discarding it.

DWG / moderator group

  • Be more open : public discussions
  • Members : elected by the OSM community
  • Enforced rules : defined by the OSM community
  • More self-determination of local communities (the OSM community is a community of communities + free standing persons) about how, when and what to import.

OSM Foundation

  • Should not be the one deciding the future of OSM but applying the community's choices. Only if no choice comes out by discussion, take one.
  • Yes to local chapters


Me in other project

My personal web site is here : ( French )

Manager of gplservice company :

Webmaster of the web site for which I use OSM data in some components and OSM based maps