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Flag of Israel.svg This user hails from Israel
Hot logo.svg SwiftFast volunteers at Humanitarian OSM Team.
OSM Logo This user submits data to OpenStreetMap under the name
JOSM SwiftFast submits data to OpenStreetMap using JOSM.

Hello :)

I'm mapping in Israel, contributing to HOT, and to the OSM Wiki. My main user is SwiftFast. I run scripts through the user SwiftFast_bot. I perform QA-related tasks through the user SwiftFast_QA.



I operate a bot in Israel. The bot is a semi-automatic collection of scripts for automated edits, written in Javascript using the JOSM Scripting Plugin. Many thanks for Gubaer, who is maintaining the plugin and quickly fixing reported issues. Strictly speaking, it the bot is not a fully-fledged bot. It has to be manually run, but that may change soon. All scripts are explained in detail below. The source code will eventually be provided, but it is currently changing too rapidly to be meaningful. The bot currently operates in Israel and in West Bank area C.


The bot currently uses the following scripts. Click a script for details.


Since 25/07/2017, I upload QA-related changesets to SwiftFast_QA, and not to my main account.


Please contact me via private messages to my main OSM user, or via the Wiki Talk Page. For bot related issues, suggestions, opt-out requests, etc. Please do not PM SwiftFast_bot and contact SwiftFast instead.