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Australia, Oceania
latitude: -25.61, longitude: 134.36
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Australia is a Country, Island and Continent in Oceania at latitude 25°36′36″ South, longitude 134°21′36″ East.


Proposed OpenStreetMap Australia Logo

Welcome to Open Street Map Australia. There is extensive mapping coverage in many areas of Australia, but there are also plenty of areas of virgin territory waiting to be mapped. Even the most developed areas are still in need of additional details, including turn restrictions, speed limits, points of interest and street addresses, etc. There is still much to be done.

Have a look at the Category:Users_in_Australia page to see who is active. Link your own user page to the appropriate State or Territory category to join this list of proud mappers.

Australia specific mapping information

Please look at the Australian Tagging Guidelines.


There is a great deal of remapping still to be done as a post-redaction. Of the major urban centres, Sydney and Adelaide were perhaps the hardest hit.

From imagery, there are many major and minor waterways (rivers, lakes and streams) that were lost as they were attached to an import that was removed. Due to the editing history, many objects have been shortened or have had nodes removed that has caused them to lose accuracy.

Please see the task manager on for coordinating the aerial remapping.

There are many streets now without names, many rural roads outside the area of imagery that will require resurveying.


Where things are at around the country

State Borders

Only straight segments of the state borders could be restored after the redaction. The missing sections of the Australian Capital Territory border have now been imported from ABS. The NSW/Victoria border on the south bank of the Murray River is being slowly remapped from imagery - you can help.

The remaining NSW/Qld border will likely be imported from ABS in the near future.

More state specific information

Other specific prohects


The Australian coastline is fully connected, but most areas outside the major centres can be made more accurate by using well-aligned imagery.

Islands and external territories

  • Norfolk Island - Roads and Tracks ~99% All recently surveyed.

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