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This is the wikipage for the osm course.


  • Name, and when you have time.



Get an Account on the OSM wiki [1]

see the help page for more info Wiki Help

Create your user page like mine User:H4ck3rm1k3 add in a link to your osm account name as well.


you will need an OSM account so sign up here :

Be sure to read the Beginners'_Guide


see the wikipage JOSM

get the latest version of get the plugins : wms, validator, slippymaps running.


Please get an account on :

See the docs here Geothings_Map_Warper. To upload a large file (bigger than 1500x1500, and 5mb) use the beta server your account on the main server will be the same.

  1. upload a picture that you are allowed to use
  2. rectify : add at least three points to both the picture and the osm map that are the same.
  3. export to josm and load it as a wms layer


with the pdf2ppm command you can convert pdfs at a given resolution to png files for usage try the command

  pdftoppm  --help
  pdftoppm version 0.12.0
  Usage: pdftoppm [options] [PDF-file [PPM-file-prefix]]
    -r <fp>             : resolution, in DPI (default is 150)
    -png                : generate a PNG file

see the manpage,

Example :

  pdftoppm -r 300 -png somepdffile  outputfile

there are two versions of pdftoppm

  1. one from xpdf (old []) this does not support png output.
  2. and on from poppler-utils [2] we need this one.


get onto irc, using xchat etc.

We have a channel #flossk on, there you can talk with flosskies and supporters from around the world. There are other channels for other projects as well. If you have a problem and cannot find an answer, irc is a great way to get help.

There are a few irc clients xchat, pidgin ,mirc for windows.

You can also use the to chat. Pick a nickname that is unique, and login to the #flossk channel.

Remember, IRC is not a telephone, please remember these simple rules.

  1. Don’t ask if you can ask a question, just ask the question.
  2. Don’t paste large text into chat, use a blogpost, a bug report or
  3. Don’t just come to the room, say ask a question,get frustrated and leave, please wait for people to respond. Some times it will take 10 minutes or an hour before someone responds.
  4. Have fun!



We will use example data from prizren