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Uploading GPS data

If you decided to use GPS recordings as your source to add to OpenStreetMap, it is also very helpful if you upload your raw GPS traces to OpenStreetMap, even though the raw traces aren't used directly by OSM. However, sharing these with everyone allows people to better judge the quality of the data or average several GPS tracks to improve the accuracy of existing ways, and is thus strongly encouraged, but not necessary.

If you are using one of the many sources other than GPS, you can skip these steps

The following steps need to be taken to upload GPS traces to OSM, and download it into JOSM for editing.

  1. Save Your Files to GPX
  2. Upload To OSM
  3. Download the Data into JOSM

There are other OSM editors as well, see the comparison of editors or the editing page for available choices.

  • Q: What is this JOSM that you speak of, and how do I get it?
  • A: JOSM is an OSM editor. See the linked wiki page to read about more details. You can download a version of JOSM on its homepage.

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