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The following pages have been labelled for deletion. Pages should be added to this category by using the {{Delete}} template reference. But when using this, please read the Template:Delete instructions and follow the procedure, including considering alternatives. Should it be a redirect instead? Do you only want propose deleting the page?

Pages in this category should be ready for removal from the wiki. Only a wiki 'sysop' user can actually carry out the delete. When this happens they appear in the deletion log.

If the contents of this category list seem outdated, you can Octicons-sync.svgpurge the page cache.

Note to wiki sysops: The list ordered by oldest is a logical order to process them. Don't delete the Wiki organisation pages in different languages that may also show up in this category, add the category=no to their {{Delete}} template instead.

Note also each category listed below should be empty: the deletion request concerns only these category pages, but not any pages or subcategories may eventually fall again in them accidentally (after the deletion request): do not delete the their own members, instead check why those pages or subcategories fell into one of the following categories, to fix them (if it's not possible without extended work, then revert the deletion request and place that listed category into another maintenance category).

Notre also that some categories will remain empty but will be redirected (this is the case for categories named in English but with a valid language code prefix): those categories should still not be deleted (and not listed below) as they are needed for interlanguage navigation (and they actually have one or several links to them from similar category pages named in other languages and using the Languages bar in their description).


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