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The Data Working Group ( is authorised by the Foundation to deal with accusations of copyright infringement, imports, and serious disputes and vandalism. Minor incidents of vandalism should be dealt with by the local community using counter-vandalism tools and processes.


Actions are logged on OTRS, emails or the API itself, and accessible to working group and to the foundation board. Sysadmin expected to report on general course of action as reasonable. Following action taken a summary report is provided to the community.

  • The Data Working Group may then identify "investigators" within the community who can research the issues.
  • They may ask the Operations Working Group to help resolve the issue if necessary.
  • Suspend or close User Account(s).
  • Disable access via IP blocking.
  • Geographic locking (possible future potential action).

User Blocks

The Data Working Group is empowered to put temporary blocks (up to 96 hours) on user activity on OSM. This is to force people engaging in questionable activity to pause their efforts and to give other community members time to discuss etc. Permanent blocks are managed by OSM administrators.


The DWG is in charge of removing or "redacting" information that cannot be distributed for legal reasons. More information can be found on the redactions sub-page


Membership of the working group is open to any invited persons (the named investigators mentioned above + technical support).

See the OSMF site for a list of the current members.


If you find any acts of Vandalism or illegal copying from sources and the user does not respond to messages you can contact the Data Working Group on the e-mail address

Please understand that all work on Data Working Group is done by volunteers and some issues may take some time.

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