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This page lists a number of ideas for potential Google Summer of Code 2017 projects. For ideas from previous years see Category:Google Summer of Code ideas. Also check out Research/Ideas (project ideas related to research or academia), Top Ten Tasks (the main issues OSM developers are concerning themselves with), and existing bugs for more problems to solve.

This page's primary purpose is to help to give potential applicants ideas that they can build on to turn into applications for the program. Members of the community are encouraged to identify ideas for projects here, and whether they would be willing to act as a mentor for a student attempting the project.

Students can base their application on one of these ideas, or on an idea of their own if they prefer (Deadline March 25th????? See GSoC timeline)


If you are thinking of applying for GSoC, please see our Google Summer of Code/Processes page which describes the way that we manage GSoC within OSM, so you know what we expect of students and Mentors.

Project Ideas

This is the list of projects. Please add projects using the GSoC idea template.

GPS improvement

Suggested By
Improve your GPS signal by correcting it with information from a GPS fixed to your balcony and share information online. See [1] (German)
Skills Required
Web, Database, Mobile Phone/Android
Medium (maybe Hard concerning GPS receiver programming on Android)
Possible Mentors
Applicants should contact the possible mentors before they apply