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  • Leads: Kate Chapman and Nicolas Chavent
  • Much of what HOT does involves training others how to contribute to and use OpenStreetMap. The training group organizes training materials and events as it sees fit.
  • First meeting was | Feb 2nd 2012 1pm GMT
  • Agenda:
    • Goals of Training Working Group


  • Leads: Kate Chapman and John Crowley
  • In order to remain a reliable force in non-traditional humanitarian response there is a need for sustainable funding for HOT. This working group recommends fundraising strategies and goals to the HOT board.
  • Next meeting is | Feb 9th 2012 2pm GMT
  • Agenda:
    • Ways to Move Forward on Specific Project Fundraising
    • Next Steps for Sustainability Funding
  • IRC Logs of Previous Meetings


  • Leads: Schuyler Erle & Harry Wood
  • This group is tasked with developing and/or proposing procedures, protocols, positions, and/or other recommendations for management of HOT activations.


The HOT Technical Working Group discusses the current status, coordination possibilities, and priorities for tool development, and for hosting and operations aspects of HOT tools