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Currently the working groups are in the process of being rebooted. Each facilitator will schedule with the community for the the first meeting. During that first meeting the participants will come up with a Terms of Reference for the working group which will be presented to the board.

An overview spreadsheet of the current Working Groups, their purpose, status, next steps and the defined responsible board member of each of the WG can be found here. The spreadsheet also sketches a WG Framework and guiding policies around governance of WGs as well as typical communication channels.

Current Working Groups


This group is tasked with developing and/or proposing procedures, monitoring, tools, and/or other recommendations for management of HOT activation's, how to expand them, make more people participating actively into them, including local OSM communities, connect with the humanitarian stakeholders and their needs, make the data completely useful and more easy to use.


This group develops and manages policies and procedures regarding external communications


This group works to improve the global HOT community through targeted actions. An improved community is a one which works together better, and which fosters and supports the growth of local groups around the world. Where necessary it may develop policies to be adopted by HOT in pursuit of these goals.


In order to remain a reliable force in non-traditional humanitarian response there is a need for sustainable funding for HOT. This working group recommends fundraising strategies and goals to the HOT board.


This group is charged with governance aspects of HOT, such as bylaw reviews.


The HOT Technical Working Group discusses the current status, coordination possibilities, and priorities for tool development, and for hosting and operations aspects of HOT tools


Much of what HOT does involves training others how to contribute to and use OpenStreetMap. The training group organizes and consolidates training materials and helps direct development of them to satisfy the identified audiences.


Security working group is a new group which will establish security policies and SOPs