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The contact tag is the prefix for several contact:* keys to describe contacts
Group: Address
Used on these elements
may be used on nodesmay be used on waysmay be used on areasmay be used on relations
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Status: Draft

The contact tag is the prefix for several contact:* keys to describe contacts.


You should only add contact information to POIs and not to any private address!

Email-addresses which are only available on a website after solving a captcha, or which are in other ways obfuscated to protect against SPAM-bots should not be tagged in OSM.


Contact details.

Key Value Element Comment Taginfo Photo
contact:phone +44 11223 456-789 Node Way Area Relation phone number (see also phone=*) Black telephone icon from DejaVu Sans.svg
contact:fax +44 11223 456-789 Node Way Area Relation fax number (see also fax=*) Emoji u1f4e0.svg
contact:website Node Way Area Relation Website-url (see also website=* and url=*) Vista-www.png
contact:email Node Way Area Relation E-mail address (see also email=*) Contactenos.jpg
contact:facebook full facebook URL Node Way Area Relation Facebook profile - preferably the full URL (because there are many different kinds of pages in facebook), though simply the public username is also used. (see also facebook=*) F icon.svg
contact:twitter @OpenStreetMap Node Way Area Relation Twitter account name or full URL (see also twitter=*) Twitter logo.svg
contact:google_plus +openstreetmap Node Way Area Relation GooglePlus account name or full URL Google plus icon.svg
contact:linkedin Username Node Way Area Relation LinkedIn account name or full URL LinkedIn Logo.svg
contact:instagram Username Node Way Area Relation Instagram account name or full URL Instagram logo 2016.svg
contact:diaspora pod's URL and username Node Way Area Relation Diaspora full URL Diaspora logotype.svg
contact:xing Username Node Way Area Relation XING account name or full URL Xing logo.svg
contact:webcam webcam URL Node For denoting a webcam's location, use a node with the tag surveillance=webcam Camera-example.jpg
contact:vhf VHF Channel or Frequency Node Way Area Relation Of interest for maritime and airport services Torre de controle Rio de Janeiro (Galeao).jpg
contact:vk Node Way Area Relation
contact:skype SkypeName Node Way Area Relation Skype login name Skype logo.svg
contact:flickr Flickr URL Node Way Area Relation Flickr URL. Similar to all others, this is where the POI can be officially contacted, or where they broadcast information. This should not point to a self-taken photo depicting the POI. Flickr wordmark.svg
contact:youtube Youtube account/channel URL Node Way Area Relation YouTube URL of account or channel officially used by the POI. Sometimes only the YouTube username is indicated. YouTube logo 2015.svg

This table is a wiki template with a default description in English. Editable here.

Phone and fax number format (Wikipedia-16px.png ITU-T Recommendation E.123, Wikipedia-16px.png DIN 5008):

 +<country_code> <national_destination_code> <subscriber_number>-<direct_inward_dialing>

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