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High-occupancy vehicle lane.png
Indicates vehicle occupancy requirements of a highway
Group: Highway
Used on these elements
use on nodes unspecified
may be used on ways
use on areas unspecified
use on relations unspecified
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Status: Unspecified

The hov=* (Wikipedia high-occupancy vehicle) tag is used to indicate any vehicle occupancy requirements for a section of highway. HOV lanes are also known as carpool lanes, diamond lanes, transit lanes or T2 or T3 lanes.


  • designated: Designated to high occupancy, but no minimum requirement specified
  • yes: High occupancy vehicles are allowed. This does not mean that other vehicles are restricted.
  • 2 (also 2+) Carriageway useable by vehicles with two or more occupants
  • 3 (also 3+) Carriageway useable by vehicles with three or more occupants
  • lane - a limited number of lanes of the carriageway are high-occupancy

Note: the values 2, 3 and lane are not in-line with the general tagging of access restrictions.

Editor support


HOV lanes can be visualized during editing with the style Land and road attributes using the key hov:lanes=* and a lane-value of designated. The following screenshot shows a motorway tagged with hov:lanes=designated|yes|yes|yes|yes and hov:minimum=2.

Screenshot HOV lanes JOSM style land and road attributes.jpeg

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