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Indicates a rough number of citizens in a given place.
Group: Place
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The population=<number> key can be used to indicate a rough number of citizens in a given place.

Whenever possible, it is recommended to also add the key source:population=* to the same object, having as it's value the name of the institution that counted the population and the year when the population was counted. This way other people can easily verify and update these values. Also, for a more accurate designation of the population counting date, you can add a key population:date=* in ISO 8601 format.


  • name=Joinville
  • population=546981
  • source:population=IBGE 2013 (i.e. IBGE counted the current population of this place on 2013)
  • place=city


This key can be used by some maps to show cities with a bigger population at higher zooms levels (with a higher priority compared to neighboring cities).