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Wikidata is a free knowledge base driven by a community and initiated by the Wikimedia Foundation. It aims to support Wikipedia and its sibling projects (such as Wikivoyage) by providing a centralized database.

The Wikidata item representing OpenStreetMap is Q936.


Linking from OSM to Wikidata

In OpenStreetMap Wikidata entities can be linked on every kind of osm object using the wikidata key. An other way to link objects is by using Key:wikipedia. Tools like WIWOSM are supporting this way.

There is also a proposal to automatically add Wikidata IDs to a number of OSM objects.


Wikidata IDs can be added by using:

Linking from Wikidata to OSM

  • A very limited way is to link from Wikidata entities to OpenStreetMap relations by using Property P402.
  • A list of all currently linked OSM relations can be found here: Special:WhatLinksHere/Property:P402.
  • This may be problematic, since OSM's IDs are not stable

OSM Tags and Keys

For a list of OSM tags' and keys' equivalent items in Wikidata, see Property:P1282.




Reasonator, which puts a human-friendly front end on Wikidata, is now showing two links for geotagged entries, to TagInfo and Overpass turbo, querying these tags

For example, the Reasonator page:

has links to:

You'll see them just below the map images.

Importing data

Copying data to Wikidata from OSM (or even from other Wikimedia projects) is not allowed because Wikidata uses the public-domain style Creative Commons CC0 license which does not contain any attribution or share-alike provisions. Conversely, data may be copied from Wikidata without restriction.


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