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Screenshot of MapRoulette
Author: Martijn van Exel, Serge Wroclawski
Version: 20140729 (2014-07-29)
License: Apache (none)
Platform: web

Towards a better map, one bug at a time.

MapRoulette ( is a gamified approach to fixing OSM bugs that breaks common OpenStreetMap data problems into micro tasks. Grab yourself a small task and start improving OpenStreetMap!


The tasks that need fixing are set into challenges, and a tutorial is created for the current challenge, to aid users into how to best fix the issue. Only one challenge is active on MapRoulette at one given time. Once all the issues have been fixed, a new challenge is activated.

Ideas for new challenges

Share your ideas for future challenge ideas here.


Past MapRoulette incarnations have addressed redaction bot cleanup, folded ways in TIGER data and fixing connectivity bugs.


As a result of the License Change, a lot of OSM data was deleted or reverted back to a previous version. The first version of MapRoulette was geared towards repairing this damage by identifying all the ways that were gone and inviting users to re-add the removed ways using the standard OSM editing tools.


The remap-a-tron proved to be a very successful tool. Perhaps it could be repurposed to help get other types of map bugs fixed? At State of the Map US 2012 in Portland, the next iteration of what would become MapRoulette was announced: the Un-Zorro-Tron, to help fix Zorro Ways in the United States OSM data.


The domain was registered on October 13, 2012, as is considered as the founding date for the project.

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The code, issues, and documentation are available on GitHub.