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The resource tag is used to indicate the resource or mineral commodity in relation to a feature.
Used on these elements
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Status: De facto


This list contains possible values for the resource tag. Editors should keep in mind the complexity, vagaries and contradictions of the resources industry. For example, Heavy Mineral Sands mines provide the ore for a number of metals including Titanium which comes from the mineral Rutile. Rutile from the same mine may also be used as an industrial mineral (white pigment). So do you call it a Heavy Mineral Sands, Titanium or Rutile mine. In this case I suggest listing Rutile and the other mineral ores produced (commonly Ilmenite and Zircon).

Wikipedia was the main reference for this list.

List for quick reference (cover most mines)

Tag Image Description Wikipedia
resource=aggregate option includes clay, sand, pebble, gravel, crushed stone, recycled concrete and others, which may be used if it is a single resource wikipedia:Construction_aggregate
resource=bauxite option ore of Alumina & Aluminum wikipedia:Bauxite
resource=clay Clay from clay pits are used to make pottery and bricks. Old clay pits are often filled with water for recreational purposes wikipedia:clay
resource=coal option includes black coal, brown coal (lignite), anthracite, coking, steaming. Peat is separated. It was discussed in the forum that coal should not be further distinguished wikipedia:coal
resource=copper option wikipedia:copper
resource=dimension_stone option includes building stone, construction stone wikipedia:Dimension_stone
resource=gold option wikipedia:gold
resource=ilmenite option common mineral in heavy mineral sands mine wikipedia:ilmenite
resource=iron_ore option includes hematite, magnetite, limonite, goethite and siderite wikipedia:iron_ore
resource=lead option wikipedia:lead
resource=limestone option includes chalk wikipedia:limestone
resource=nickel option wikipedia:nickel
resource=rutile option common mineral in heavy mineral sands mine wikipedia:rutile
resource=salt option wikipedia:salt
resource=silver option wikipedia:silver
resource=tin option wikipedia:tin
resource=zinc option wikipedia:zinc
resource=zircon option common mineral in heavy mineral sands mine, main ore of Zirconium wikipedia:zircon

More comprehensive list

There are a number of metals not listed because they are only produced as a by-product. There are a large number of industrial minerals. Some major ones are listed below and more can be added. This list doesn't contain the already mentioned resources (quick reference list).

Tag Image Description Wikipedia
resource=antimony option wikipedia:Antimony
resource=arsenic option wikipedia:Arsenic
resource=asbestos option wikipedia:Asbestos
resource=barite option industrial mineral and ore of Barium wikipedia:Baryte
resource=bastnäsite option ore of a number of rare earth elements (REE) wikipedia:Bastnäsite
resource=bentonite option wikipedia:bentonite
resource=beryl option wikipedia:beryl
resource=bismuth option mostly produced as a by product wikipedia:bismuth
resource=bitumen option wikipedia:bitumen
resource=borax option industrial mineral wikipedia:borax
resource=boron option wikipedia:boron
resource=bromide wikipedia:bromide
resource=caesium option wikipedia:caesium
resource=chromite option ore of chromium wikipedia:chromite
resource=cobalt option wikipedia:cobalt
resource=diamond option includes gem or industrial diamonds wikipedia:Diatomaceous_earth
resource=diatomite option also known as Diatomaceous earth or Kieselgur wikipedia:diatomite
resource=dolomite option wikipedia:dolomite
resource=feldspar option wikipedia:feldspar
resource=fluorite option wikipedia:fluorite
resource=garnet option wikipedia:garnet
resource=graphite option wikipedia:graphite
resource=gypsum option wikipedia:gypsum
resource=iodine option from caliche deposits wikipedia:iodine
resource=jade option wikipedia:jade
resource=kaolinite option wikipedia:Kaolinite
resource=lanthanum option main ores are monazite and bastnäsite wikipedia:lanthanum
resource=lithium option wikipedia:lithium
resource=magnesite option industrial mineral and ore of magnesium wikipedia:magnesite
resource=magnesium option wikipedia:magnesium
resource=manganese option wikipedia:manganese
resource=marble option wikipedia:marble
resource=mercury option main ore is cinnabar wikipedia:Mercury_(element)
resource=mica option wikipedia:mica
resource=molybdenite option main ore of Molydbenum wikipedia:molybdenite
resource=monazite option ore for a number of rare earth elements (REE) wikipedia:monazite
resource=niobium option wikipedia:niobium
resource=oil_sand wikipedia:oil_sands
resource=oil_shale option wikipedia:oil_shale
resource=opal option wikipedia:opal
resource=palladium option wikipedia:palladium
resource=peat option wikipedia:peat
resource=perlite option wikipedia:perlite
resource=phospate wikipedia:phospate
resource=potash option wikipedia:potash
resource=platinum option wikipedia:platinum
resource=radium option wikipedia:radium
resource=ruby option wikipedia:ruby
resource=rubidium option wikipedia:rubidium
resource=sapphire option wikipedia:sapphire
resource=scandium option wikipedia:scandium
resource=silica option including quartz wikipedia:Silicon_dioxide
resource=sodium_carbonate option wikipedia:sodium_carbonate
resource=spongolite option wikipedia:spongolite
resource=strontium option wikipedia:strontium
resource=sulphur option wikipedia:sulphur
resource=talc option wikipedia:talc
resource=terbium option wikipedia:terbium
resource=tantalum option wikipedia:tantalum
resource=topaz option wikipedia:topaz
resource=tungsten option ores include wolframite and scheelite wikipedia:tungsten
resource=uranium option includes yellow cake wikipedia:uranium
resource=vanadium option wikipedia:vanadium
resource=vermiculite option wikipedia:vermiculite
resource=wollastonite option wikipedia:wollastonite
resource=yttrium option wikipedia:yttrium
resource=zeolite option wikipedia:zeolite
resource=granite option a common type of felsic intrusive igneous rock that is granular and phaneritic in texture wikipedia:granite

Others / differentiation

Base Metals – Don't use, list as individual metals e.g. Lead; Zinc; Silver

Chromium –> list as chromite which is the only ore of chromium

Heavy mineral sand – list as individual minerals e.g. Ilmenite; Rutile; Zircon

Iron –> see Iron Ore

Molybdenum –> see Molybdenite

REE – Rare earth elements list individual minerals/metals where possible

Titanium –> use Rutile

Zirconium –> use Zircon

See also

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Common/Possible Tagging Mistakes

mining_resource=* - If you know places with this tag, verify if it could be tagged with another tag. Automated edits are strongly discouraged unless you really know what you are doing!