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Postbox-Royal Cypher-EVIIR.jpg
A monarch's initials or symbol.
Group: Properties
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royal_cypher is for tagging the monarch's initials or symbol, which may be displayed on an object.

A royal cypher is often used in the UK and other (former) Commonwealth countries. It is particularly common on post boxes (see amenity=post_box), and is sometimes seen on post offices, telephone exchanges and government buildings. The royal cypher usually gives an indication of when the postbox or building was built.

See wikipedia:royal cypher.

Values for UK and Commonwealth monarchs

value description example picture
VR Victoria (1837 to 1901)
Postbox-Royal Cypher-VR.jpg
EVIIR Edward VII (1901 to 1910)
Postbox-Royal Cypher-EVIIR.jpg
GR George V (1910 to 1936)
Postbox-Royal Cypher-GR.jpg
EVIIIR Edward VIII (1936)
Very few EVIIIR postboxes exist.
Postbox-Royal Cypher-EVIIIR.jpg
GVIR George VI (1936 to 1952)
Postbox-Royal Cypher-GVIR.jpg
EIIR Elizabeth II (1952 to present).
Note: usually not used on postboxes in Scotland, see scottish_crown below.
Postbox Royal Cypher-EIIR.jpg
scottish_crown The Crown of Scotland.
Usually used instead of EIIR for postboxes in Scotland.
Scottish Crown.jpg
no no royal cypher visible on the object