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You can improve the bus stops data by Surveying and Merging with OSM data

NaPTAN and NPTG are UK official datasets for bus stops and places which the UK Department for Transport and Traveline have offered to make available to OpenStreetMap project.
Discussions relating to the import process will take place on talk-transit.
Discussions relating to use, verifying and merging should take place on Talk-GB

The datasets


The National Public Transport Access Nodes (NaPTAN) dataset contains details of some 350,000 public transport access points in Great Britain including bus stops, railway stations, tram stops and ferry terminals. This data includes a name, geocode, official code and other information useful to the project. The data set includes both the physical points of access to transport (Platforms, bus stops, airport gateways, etc.), the interchanges (Stations, Airports, Ports, Clusters, etc.) and the entrances to the interchanges from the street or public thoroughfare - the model distinguishes between these various concepts, all of which may be relevant for different representations of a "stop". NaPTAN uses terminology based on the European CEN [Transmodel] standard. See also Wikipedia entry on Naptan.


The National Public Transport Gazetteer (NPTG) dataset is a gazetteer of some 50,000 place names in the UK with a name and geospatial coordinates. These places are arranged in a hierarchy so that, for example, it is known that Camden is in London. Again there is additional information in the data set that is useful to the project.

Import process

The import process is described in detail on the NaPTAN/Import page.


For the avoidance of doubt the datasets themselves will remain Crown copyright. The department is however offering a single one-off bulk import to OpenStreetMap under the required CCBYSA licence used on OSM. It may from time to time offer updates, but this is not guaranteed at this stage. It is in principle happy with also making the data available on the ODbL licence but would make a final decision when the text for the licence is made available.


The NaPTAN data is now on and thereby available on the UK Open Government Licence which is compatible with ODbL.[1] PeterIto

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