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Here we list articles in major or even local media. To see a trendbar have a look at Google trends. To find a periodical at your local library, refer to WorldCat.

OpenStreetMap in The Guardian




  • 2014-09 Germany (de) Java Aktuell - Geodatensuche und Datenanreicherung mit Quelldaten von OpenStreetMap Technical article about using OpenStreetMap (print only)





  • 2014-05-12 Germany (de) - GPS und Smartphone: Ich glaub’, ich steh’ im Wald The article about smartphone usage for outdoor activities features a heading and paragraph about OSM maps in smartphone apps and Garmin GPS receivers. It mentions the characteristics volunteer project, without cost, often a unique level of detail, and the many variants of OSM.
  • 2014-05-09 Bolivia (es) - OpenStreetMap An article about the OpenStreetMap project and the user community of OpenStreetMap Cochabamba, was part of a journalistic report called "Cyberactivism to ​​the Bolivian style" in which over 30 different thematic groups are made ​​visible: technology, culture, indigenous rights, animals rights, alternative transport, environment.





  • 2014-01-27 the United Kingdom (en) BBC (Radio 4) - Mapping the Void Programme about Crisis Mapping including OpenStreetMap, features quotes from several attendees at London Hack Weekend (Nov 2013): notably ris saying "I won't lie, there is a certain amount of obsessiveness involved". OSM section starts around 9:10.

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