OpenStreetMap 13th Anniversary Birthday party

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This year the project birthday, the OpenStreetMap 13th Anniversary Birthday party will be celebrated on Sunday, 13th August 2017 in cities all around the world!

Birthday events

Moscow, Russia

An outdoor mapping party on 13th of August: RU:Московская встреча в Подлипках.

Cluj-Napoca, Romania

OpenStreetMapTime special edition on 9th of August. Details pending.

Dublin, Ireland

By the kind invitation of the Charge' d' Affaires at of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Lesotho in Dublin, Friends of Lesotho will join the rest of the world at the Embassy to #MapLesotho

Jakarta and Alor, Indonesia

HOT Indonesia will celebrate OSM anniversary by organizing the following: #1) Komunitas OpenStreetMap Indonesia's online community ideathon and #2) Public Mapping Campaign for Alor. Alor is an island located in the mid-south of Indonesia. It is among the 136 priority, disaster-prone districts that is still poorly mapped. Currently there are no building footprints and road networks from that area mapped on OSM. HOT Indonesia will activate a tasking manager and call for its community to help map Alor, to speed up the district's contingency planning creation.

Your city

OpenStreetMap is a volunteer driven project, and that goes for event organisation too. This means if you'd like to celebrate OpenStreetMap's birthday where you are... you just need to make a little plan, and add the details to this list!

The OpenStreetMap Anniversaries

This year it's the OpenStreetMap 13th Anniversary Birthday party!