Open Source Routing Machine

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Open Source Routing Machine
Screenshot of Open Source Routing Machine
Author: Dennis Luxen
Source code:
License: BSD
Platforms: Linux, macOS, FreeBSD
Programming language: C++

Routing server, Contraction Hierarchies routing, extremely fast


Open Source Routing Machine (OSRM) computes shortest paths in a graph. It was designed to run well with map data from the OpenStreetMap Project.

Project Details

In contrast to most routing servers OSRM does not use an A* variant to compute shortest path, but Contraction Hierarchies. This results in very fast query times, usually below 1ms for data sets like Europe, making OSRM a good candidate for responsive web-based routing applications and websites.

OSRM is currently maintained by Dennis Luxen.


  • Very fast routing
  • Rudimentary driving instructions
  • Highly portable
  • Simple data format makes it easy to import custom data sets instead of OpenStreetMap data
  • Making use of turn restrictions


Services using OSRM

Related Software

  • MoNav shares some code with OSRM