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Overall Status:

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Pingdom OSM stats (third-party performance report)

Service Description Server Status Notes
DNS Domain name server for Bytemark OK Issue with slow expiring incorrect DNS records.
Network OK
www Website including 'The Map' homepage spike-01, spike-02 & spike-03 OK
api OSM API thorn-01, thorn-02 & thorn-03 OK
Potlatch Flash editor spike-01, spike-02 & spike-03 OK
wiki This Wiki konqi OK
tile-rendering Mapnik tile servers orm, yevaud OK Detailed graphs are available of render queue length and other statistics for orm and yevaud.
tile tile serving CDN A set of 12 geographically distributed CDN servers OK Detailed graphs are available for tile serving statistics.
db The OSM database ramoth OK
dev Development server errol OK
planet Planet server ironbelly OK
Overpass API OSM Extended API OK Overpass API on Details.
Overpass API OSM Extended API OK Overpass API on Details.
xapi (Java version) OSM Extended API norbert OK Xapi on
Nominatim Search / Geo-coding pummelzacken OK
Taginfo Tag usage information OK
mail Mailing lists & SVN server shenron OK
Forum Forum OK
GPX uploads GPX file processing and storage soup OK
munin Network monitoring urmel OK
help Help system shenron partly Some functions do not work (sometimes converting answers to comments, display lag after conversion ("none" instead of the text)). Old image uploads: were lost during last software update and there was no backup.
imagery Background layers for tracing faffy DOWN Hardware fault occurred during the recent maintenance period.

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