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Available languages — Potlatch 2
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Potlatch 2
Screenshot of Potlatch 2
Platform: web-based (Flash)
Version: 2.4.16
Language: English
License: WTFPL
Website: http://www.openstreetmap.org/edit?editor=potlatch2
Programming language: ActionScript

Potlatch 2 (sometimes referred to as P2) is an OpenStreetMap editor.

It requires a flash plugin in the browser; therefore it does not support all browsers (no plugin available for some).

Potlatch 2 was completely rewritten from the original Potlatch 1, its major new features include:

  • User-friendly tagging with customisable presets
  • WYSIWYG rendering
  • Vector Background Layers
  • A more flexible undo/redo system
  • OAuth support so you can deploy it on other websites

Places to use Potlatch 2

It is available inside the "Edit ▼" menu on the www.osm.org homepage (of course you also can select it as your standard editor in your user preferences).

Potlatch 2 is also deployed on a number of websites, some with significant customisations.

How to use Potlatch 2

Basic editing

Advanced editing

Feedback and bugs

  • You can view the current list of potlatch2 bugs on trac.
  • If you find a bug involving data loss or corruption, or a serious problem that would prevent you from using Potlatch 2, please report it on trac with the component "potlatch 2"
  • If you have any other bug, please report it on trac with the component "potlatch 2"
  • If there's something Potlatch 2 doesn't do which is essential to your mapping enjoyment, please report it on the Suggested enhancements page.
  • How to submit extra detailed bug reports (more complicated but very very helpful).
  • For historical interest, Closed issues.

Putting Potlatch 2 on your own website

Potlatch 2 can be hosted on any site, customised to your own requirements, and pointed towards OpenStreetMap. This allows you to deploy customised versions for (say) cycle mappers, individual countries, or whatever you like. See Deploying Potlatch 2 for instructions.

Get involved!

There's lots of ways to get involved with Potlatch 2 development, very few of which need any coding skills.

  • Write useful bug reports when you find problems - see above
  • Improve the user documentation on this wiki
  • Develop custom MapCSS styles, and improve the ones we have (no compiling required)
  • Develop custom Preset files, and improve the ones we have (no compiling required)
  • Improve the developer API documentation
  • Expand our suite of unit tests
  • Hunt down and fix the bugs listed on trac
  • Add new features!

Potlatch 2 is written in ActionScript 3 using the open-source Flex framework. We'd love it if you were to get involved in development.

The source is stored in git, we no longer use svn. Subscribe to the potlatch-dev mailing list to get in touch with the developers.

Read more on the OpenGeoData blog post and see a presentation from WhereCamp.EU 2010.


Broken Characters "口口口" at smaller size under Linux

Phenomenon: The English texts are broken for where a smaller size font is used, like options menu. Texts are displayed as "口口口" which is totally unreadable.


  • It's not a Flash bug.
  • It's not your system's fontconfig settings' fault.
  • It's not your font rendering either.
  • It's because you don't have "Arial" font from Windows which is hard-coded at a fixed size by Potlatch2. (Yes, it's a Potlatch 2 bug. As a web application, the only font it can use is "sans-serif".)


  • copy "Arial" font from your Windows partition. Under `C:\Windows\Fonts\Arial.ttf`.
  • Installation. (You can either install it using KDE/GNOME/Other DE's font utility, or place it under `/usr/share/fonts/truetype/` and run `fc-cache -force`.)