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Magnetic levitation train
Status: Voting (under way)
Proposed by: erkinalp
Tagging: railway=maglev
Applies to: way
Definition: Railway with maglev propulsion
Rendered as: Like railway, with blue and red stripes instead of grey and white stripes.
Drafted on: 2017-09-17
RFC start: 2017-09-17
Vote start: 2017-10-06


Maglev trains are currently in experimental stage. They are a world-changing means of passenger transport and expected to affect intercity transport in the way rapid transit trains did in the city centre.


Maglev and adhesion trains have incompatible rails, hence need different tagging.


Examples are CRH Shanghai Maglev line and JR-Maglev Osaka line.



Applies to

Same types of features railway=rail apply.


Like railway, with blue and red stripes instead of grey and white stripes (First rendering of maglev in any major online map). Blue and red are chosen as they are usually used in magnet illustrations in order to denote north and south poles of magnetic field.

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Usual voting rules apply(at least 15 votes with majority approval and at least 8 approvals).