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Music Venue
Status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: skorasaurus
Tagging: amenity=music_venue
Applies to: Node, Area
Definition: An indoor place which is used mostly as a place where live contemporary music is performed
Rendered as: perhaps as an icon
Drafted on: 2007-03-17, 2013-03-01


A place where contemporary music is performed that is primarily used as a place where live music is performed.

These rules are not definite, but some guidelines are: that it's usually indoors, only open when there is a concert, calls itself a music venue (as opposed to a restaurant or bar).

Some famous examples include the Bowery Ballroom (NYC),


Why use it ? There's no other appropriate tag that best describes a music venue, where the primary activity that people go there for is to hear music.

(2007 draft: I've been tagging various theatres and cinemas in central London with amenity=theatre and amenity=cinema (there are A LOT), with an eye to being able to produce a tourist-type map. There's also a fair number of concert halls and popular music venues here, which have no defined tag.

The tag could apply to say, classical concert halls, or a rock music venue. There is obviously going to be some fuzziness with some venues, as to whether they are a pub or a music_venue, a theatre or a music_venue, or even dual-use ones like the nottingham ice arena, but this is a more general problem than should be addressed here, i think, and most venues are going to be representable with one of the three).


In western cultures, I'd imagine most cities have a least at 4, that's at least several hundred in the USA alone.


Leisure or Amenity ? Personally, it doesn't matter to me, and I'd rather not have the discussion of approving this tag focus on what key to use. According to the wiki, leisure would fit better for music_venue since it's "for places people go in their spare time." and amenity is for " but in practice, other arts-based tags (cinema, nightclub, arts_centre, and theatre have the amenity key. With that said, I'm choosing amenity.

Other tags don't capture, the essence and distinction of what this tag, music_venue is:

Stadiums - Are open-air, outdoors, and for very large crowds (thousands), they also hold sporting events for most of its usage. nightclub - usually doesn't have live music, unless you're counting a DJ. arts_centre - is a variety of types of arts peformances and also holding educational workshops, etc.

Tag Description
amenity=music_venue Generic tag for a Music Venue.
name=* Name of venue
capacity=* Number of people it can hold (usually regulated by law).

Applies to

Nodes and closed ways (areas).


In the standard mapnik stylesheet, it would likely be only rendered at the most detailed zoom levels (z17,18) like other leisure and amenity POIs (cinemas, Supermarket, bar, pub). are rendered.

(2007: Suggested icon probably a note, or a clef. Morwen 11:20, 17 March 2007 (UTC))

Features/Pages affected

What keys/tags and Wiki pages might this proposal affect if approved?