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Public-images-osm logo.svg amenity = theatre
Royal Opera House - Floral Hall - Bow Street - London - 240404.jpg
A place where live theatrical performances are held.
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Used to tag a theatre where live performances occur, such as plays, musicals and formal concerts.

To tag cinemas, known as movie theaters in the United States, see amenity=cinema.

How to Map

Add a node to the centre of the theatre building and tag it with amenity=theatre. You can name it with name=*.

For tagging amphitheatres, open-air or outdoor theatres, the Talk page suggests using theatre:type=amphi.

See also

  • building=yes - useful to map the building itself


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Royal Opera House London
Royal Opera House - Floral Hall - Bow Street - London - 240404.jpg
name=Royal Opera House

See London for a reference.

Different kind of theatres

There are many genres of theatre. They show different performances. On some you see actors, on others you can listen to music, others show figures or puppets.

Put all these diversities into the OSM-Data please.

Speech theatre

Music theatre

Other types

Figure or puppet theatre