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Public-images-osm logo.svg amenity = cinema
A movie theater, a place showing movies.
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Status: De facto

Used to tag a cinema - a place showing movies (films), generally open to the public for a fee. Commonly referred to as a movie theater in the US.

How to Map

Either add a node Node at the centre of the cinema or trace the building outline as a closed way Area. Add the tag amenity=cinema to the node or closed way. You can also add name=* as well as operator=* (AMC, Carmike, etc) tags if known.

Tags to use in combination

  • name=* - The name of the cinema
  • operator=* - The organisation / brand operating the cinema
  • building=cinema - To describe the type of building
  • open_air=yes/no - To describe an Open-air-(Outdoor-)cinema. Operating in the Summer-time. See Wikipedia:Outdoor_cinema for more information.
  • drive_in=yes/no - To indicate if a cinema is a drive-in cinema. See Wikipedia:Drive-in theater for more information.
  • deaf:description:en=This cinema regularily offers movies with subtitles. - Description / notes relevant to deaf people. Where "en" stands for English.
  • cinema:3D=yes/no - Does the cinema do 3D movies (where you wear the special glasses)
  • screen=* - To indicate the number of screens.
  • min_age=* - For cinemas specialized in age-restricted content


Picture/Description Tags Mapnik
Odeon West End London
name=Odeon West End

See London for a reference.


  • OpenStreetMap Carto: Cinema-16.svg

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