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The Feature Page for the approved proposal Tag:natural=glacier is located at Tag:natural=glacier.

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Public-images-osm logo.svg natural = glacier
Glaciers' are a prominent feature in many northern countries.
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Status: Unspecified

are a prominent feature in many northern countries, and as such, they should be mapped.

As some of the worlds glaciers are very large (e.g., the Greenland ice sheet covers approximately 1.750.000 km2), it should be possible to mark the area with several shorter ways (similar to the natural=coastline tag).

Elements: Area Way

Proposed value

  • k=natural v=glacier


Glaciers should be rendered as white areas.


  • We should be rendering the name of the glacier in the centre of it, as with any area. CoreyBurger 20:18, 30 September 2007 (BST)
  • Thank you Thorir for making this proposal, I've already been using this tag for glaciers in the Pamir (Pakistan) so you have my vote. Ewmjc
  • Maybe add a slight blue-ish tint to the area colouring. --Deelkar (talk) 12:58, 17 October 2007 (BST)
  • rendering should indicate "icyness" of the feature with light shade of blue, eg:
--Stefanb 13:01, 17 October 2007 (BST)
  • Dont glaciers change shape/size over time? By definition they dont melt completely in the summer time, but do they shrink a bit? Do we need to aim to map the extent of the glacier in the summer? I know gobal warming makes them shrink over the decades, so they'll slowly get out-of-date due to that as well. Probably a problem to worry about later, but perhaps it's important to add a tag source=GPS survey on date or source=Yahoo Aerial Imagery , to allow us to figure out (later on) how accurately the area was mapped. -- Harry Wood 13:21, 17 October 2007 (BST)
Adding source= is always useful and particularly so here as Harry suggests. MikeCollinson 13:40, 17 October 2007 (BST)


  • I approve this proposal. Þórir Már Jónsson 15:25, 16 October 2007 (UTC)
  • I approve this proposal. Deelkar (talk) 12:53, 17 October 2007 (BST)
  • I approve this proposal. --Florianschmitt 12:55, 17 October 2007 (BST)
  • I approve this proposal. Dmgroom 13:00, 17 October 2007 (BST)
  • I approve this proposal. EdoM (lets talk about it) 13:00, 17 October 2007 (BST)
  • I approve this proposal. MikeCollinson 13:37, 17 October 2007 (BST)
  • I approve this proposal, but tag them quickly, before they disappear completely:) --Walley 14:02, 17 October 2007 (BST)
  • I approve this proposal. DrMark 18:45, 17 October 2007 (BST)
  • I approve this proposal. Beej71 21:22, 17 October 2007 (BST)
  • I approve this proposal. raphael 14:01, 20 October 2007 (BST)