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Public-images-osm logo.svg aeroway = navigationaid
A facility that supports radio navigation for aircraft (VOR, NDB, TACAN, etc)
Group: Aeroways
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Air navigation aid stations support the different Wikipedia-16px.png Radio navigation systems that help pilots guide their aircraft during flight. These facilities are particularly useful during bad weather (like fog, or low cloud), and for flights operating under IFR (Wikipedia-16px.png instrument flight rules).

How to Map

Place a node at the location of the navigation aid, and tag with aeroway=navigationaid, specifying the type of navigation aid with navigationaid=*. Common types are listed in the table below. Other general tags may also be used such as ref=* for any identifier/ID and name=*. Other tags, such as channel=* or frequency=*, may only be appropriate for certain kinds of aids.

Item Description
als Wikipedia-16px.png Approach lighting system (Note: This recommendation uses the acronym like the other navigation aids. However, the majority of current usage is spelled out as navigationaid=approach_light)
dme Wikipedia-16px.png Distance measuring equipment
ils Wikipedia-16px.png Instrument landing system
ndb Wikipedia-16px.png Non-directional beacon
papi Wikipedia-16px.png Precision approach path indicator
tacan Wikipedia-16px.png Tactical air navigation system
tls Wikipedia-16px.png Transponder landing system
vor Wikipedia-16px.png VHF Omnidirectional Range.
vor-dme Combined Wikipedia-16px.png VOR and Wikipedia-16px.png DME (Note: Past usage has often included a slash, as in "vor/dme", but OSM key-value tags typically omit such characters. The FAA flight chart key uses the hyphen instead)
vortac Combined Wikipedia-16px.png VOR and Wikipedia-16px.png TACAN
waas Wikipedia-16px.png Wide Area Augmentation System

Note: This page has previously recommended that navigation aids be sub-tagged with type=technology acronym. However, in general the more common (and recommended) way to tag subtypes is as recommended above (navigationaid=technology acronym). There has been no proposal or vote about this tag, and both types of subtagging are in use.


An icon representing the technology used according to the standard Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), National Aeronautical Charting Office (NACO) symbology (http://naco.faa.gov/).

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