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Public-images-osm logo.svg access = designated
A way marked for a particular use.
Used on these elements
may be used on nodes
may be used on ways
may be used on areas
use on relations unspecified
Status: Unspecified

If you are mapping Public Rights of way in the UK (specifically England and Wales) see UK public rights of way.

This tag indicates that a route has been specially designated (typically by a government) for use by a particular mode (or modes) of transport. The specific meaning varies according to jurisdiction. It may imply extra usage rights for the given mode of transport (i.e. normally a vehicle is banned, but in this case it is allowed), or may be just a suggested route (e.g. bicycles can in most jurisdictions ride on any street, but some particular streets are recommended and signed as such.) . To indicate an exclusive access see access=official, or just use access=no in addition to a mode-specific key (foot=designated, bicycle=designated, etc.)

Just as in other cases, if the designating sign implies restrictions on other modes of transport those restrictions should be tagged with their respective tags.

Note that access=designated is not defining what is designated and is meaningless.


Snowmobile route: All village streets

Some places have designated snowmobile routes everywhere

The trail marked with the sign shown in the example picture (top right):

A UK bridleway:

A UK cycleway:

A UK footway:

A truck route[1] in the USA:

A footway (continental Europe): 120px-Zeichen 239.svg.png


A cycleway (continental Europe): 120px-Zeichen 237.svg.png


A combined footway and cycleway: 120px-Zeichen 240.svg.png


A segregated combined footway and cycleway: 120px-Zeichen 241.svg.png