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Public-images-osm logo.svg man_made = kiln
A thermally insulated chamber in which temperature is controlled in order to change the state of the item placed inside, usually though the process of burning, baking, drying or smelting.
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See Wikipedia-16px.png kiln on Wikipedia

How To Map

Most of the time this feature will be marked as a node on a map indicating where the centre of the kiln is located. This may be within the building or man_made=works if it is located inside. If the kiln is especially large it may be accompanied with man_made=chimney tags. A user may wish to tag these separately or as nodes in a kiln area polygon.
Please note: This would usually only apply to huge kilns making up larger man_made=works inside an landuse=industrial area.


This is up to the implementation of each render but it is suggested as a black round drum with a flame in the centre of the drum. The svg below is offered to the public domain for free usage by any renderer:


Related / Keys

Key Value Comment

The output or production purpose of the kiln.

Proposed values:
  • charcoal
  • pottery
  • glass
  • bricks
  • quicklime

This tag was chosen over the:
capacity=* number Number of objects that can be placed into the kiln e.g. 10 pots
volume=* number The metric cubic volumetric capacity of the kiln in meters cubed. e.g 7. This tag may be more appropriate than capacity in cases where a large number of items are placed inside the kiln and it would be more useful to show the area the input occupies e.g. wood, or ore.
operator=* * The operator's name.
fuel=* * The fuel used to heat the kiln.

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