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Tag values

Tag values usually are lowercase without spaces. So crane:type=Portal crane should not be used. Instead crane:type=portal_crane is an OSM compliant tagging. The same for crane:mobile=Rail should be crane:mobile=rail. If noone vetos I will change that. --WanMil 09:41, 25 September 2012 (BST)

TODO types


Container crane, Gantry crane, Travellift, Slewing pillar crane, Floor-mounted crane, Portal crane, portal, travel lift, portal_crane, slewing_pillar_crane, Truck-mounted crane, Portalkran, Travel Lift, travellift, floor-mounted crane, portal crane, Saulendrehkran, saulendrehkran, gantry, travel_lift, gantry_crane, crane, rail, slewing pillar crane

So, I think this is list of common types: bulk-handling, container, deck, floor-mounted, gantry, hammerhead, hoist, jib, level_luffing, overhead, portal, rail, saulendrehkran, self-erecting, slewing_pillar, tower, travel_lift, winch

I dont know about "-" "_" and " " so I left "-" and chance " " to "_" --- User:Kr12 18:59, 28 May 2013