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Inserts links to an OpenStreetMap.org user's profile, traces, edits (after the user page on this wiki if that OSM user has one here).


The first mandatory parameter is an OSM registered user name (used for edits, notes, etc.).

Note that this template assumes the username is the same for both OSM.org and the OSM wiki:

  • If a OSM user does not have an account on this wiki, you can specify "wiki=" explicitly (and no link will be generated to a user page on this wiki).
  • If a OSM user uses an account named differently on this wiki, you can specify "wiki=user name" explicitly to generate a link to his correct user page on this wiki).
  • Otherwise the OSM user name given in the first parameter will be used to generate a link to his identically named user page on this wiki.

There are various reasons why the account names don't match between this wiki, and the OSM website/database, notably because user names don't have exactly the same requirements, and because the first letter of a user name is not case-sensiteon this wiki, but is case sensive on the OSM website and database. Some characters are also accepted in user names on one site but not another (this wiki does not allow "/" and does not differentiate a space with underscores, but still allows "%" and "+" in user names). Another reason is that OSM edits may require you use a separate account for mechanical edits, when this wiki may have only one user page for both OSM accounts. Also there are contributors on this wiki that do not contribute on OSM directly: the two projects are in fact separate, allowing distinct identities.

Note: don't attempt to URL-encode user names (notably those containing spaces or non-ASCII characters), just use the normal, readable user names, with standard spaces and standard UTF-8 encoding (as used for normal text on this wiki): the effective encoding depends on the kind of targets for URLs or wikilinks, and where the user names are used in URLs (in the "/resource/path" or in a "?query" string, or in an "#anchor"). This template will determine the appropriate encoding.


You type You get
{{User|phobie}} User icon 2.svg phobie (on osm, edits, contrib, heatmap)
{{User|Harry Wood}} User icon 2.svg Harry Wood (on osm, edits, contrib, heatmap)
{{User|phobie|wiki=}} User icon 2.svg phobie (on osm, edits, contrib, heatmap)
{{User|Seandebasti|wiki=Sean de Basti}} User icon 2.svg Sean de Basti (Seandebasti on osm, edits, contrib, heatmap)

See also

  • {{OSM user}} or {{OsmUser}} - a simple link to the user's page without traces, edits, or wiki link