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Screenshot of TileMill
Author: MapBox
Website: http://tilemill.com
Version: 0.10.1 (2012-10-10)
License: BSD
Platform: ;| ; }}

Mapnik webfrontend for custom mapstyles

TileMill (tilemill.com) was a design environment developed by MapBox for cartography, constituting Mapnik as a renderer, CartoCSS as a stylesheet language, and a locally-served web interface with node.js as a server and based on Backbone.js for the client. Since version 0.9.0, the web server is wrapped with a native GUI on all supported platforms.

TileMill can load shapefiles or connect to a PostGIS database for rendering. Raster data such as GeoTIFFs can also be rendered.

By default TileMill renders to an MBTiles file, an SQLite bundle of tile images that enables compression and faster transfers. PNG and PDF output is also supported for static maps. Mercator is the main supported projection.

The program has been discontinued in 2012 to be replaced by a commercial version called Mapbox Studio.