Wood County, Texas

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Wood County, Texas, USA
latitude: 32.78, longitude: -95.42
Browse map of Wood County 32°46′48″ N, 95°25′12″ W
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Wood County is a county in Texas, USA at latitude 32°46′48″ North, longitude 95°25′12″ West.

OpenStreetMap images (and underlying map data) are freely available under the OpenStreetMap License.


Quitman, Texas (County seat)

Mineola, Texas

Winnsboro, Texas

Hawkins, Texas

Alba, Texas

Yantis, Texas



Main article: TIGER fixup

The map was created by importing the TIGER data, so lots of streets need to be realigned, and some might not even exist anymore (Be sure to survey before deleting any TIGER roads!). Make sure to add any county roads you fix to the list linked below.


Add new roads and subdivisions as well as marking businesses, even if it's just a node.

Road Classification

Main article: United States Road Classification

Need to make sure that all FM roads are marked 'Secondary' or 'Tertiary', and county roads are generally 'Tertiary', unless you deem otherwise.


Here is a place to record progress on various projects. Feel free to add any projects you'd want to start.

Road Classification

Main article: Wood County, Texas/Road Classification

All county roads need to be properly aligned, properly tagged, and then put in a relation of the entire route. The related documentation has been linked above to prevent this page becoming too cluttered.

Anything classified above a county road is documented on these pages: Texas/State Route Relations, United States Numbered Highway Relations, and Interstate Highway relations.

Downtown Mineola

I've been working on getting most of the buildings in downtown Mineola at least added and maybe tagged for Simple 3D Buildings. As of right now (August 5, 2017), I've got about three-quarters of the buildings in historic downtown Mineola mapped, and one-third of those are tagged for Simple 3D Buildings.

I'd also like to note that there is a relation for the Downtown Mineola Historic District (Relation 7418802 (XML, iD, JOSM, Potlatch2, history, analyze, manage, gpx)), which is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

Rivers, Streams, & Lakes

I hesitate to make this a project, but I've started mapping out waterways using USGS Topographic maps. Currently, Big Sandy Creek is mapped for almost it's whole length, apart from a short length south of the town of East Point, and many of it's tributaries on the southern half are mapped as well.