<20MB, <512MB, <2GB Maps

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<20MB, <512MB, <2GB Maps
20MB Amsterdam Details.png
Author: Games for Little Timmy Software Inc.
License: Proprietary (1,59€)
Status: Broken
Version: 1.7.1 (2012-07-01)
Language: English
Website: http://www.GamesforLittleTimmy.com

Offline maps and POIs for entire countries as well as selected cities.

<20MB, <512MB, <2GB Maps are city and country specific maps for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. They store OpenStreetMap data in vector format and draw the maps as needed. Because the map content is stored in a compressed binary format, very large areas can be stored inside of the application.


  • Street titles move to keep them on the map when you zoom or move.
  • Points of Interest fade in as the user zooms to prevent the map form being too cluttered.
  • Internal places database has precomputed "Is In" data - cities know which states they are in making selection easier.
  • Additional map data downloads for free (does not hit OSM servers).