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Creative Commons: Some Rights Reserved

The text of this wiki is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 (CC BY-SA 2.0).

Wiki content can be used freely as long as you obey its license terms. Text authors are listed under the "history" tab of each page.

This only applies to the content of this documentation site. The (much more important!) license of the OpenStreetMap map data itself, is described at


Some wiki pages may contain content which is licensed differently. In these cases the page should be clearly labelled with copyright information.

Images which have been uploaded to this wiki are often also licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0, but certainly not always! As with Wikipedia, we have a variety of open licenses applying to images, and we aim to describe these in more depth as well as giving required attribution on the "image description page" in each case. Also see media licenses and files by license.

  • Some images may have no license information. Re-users cannot safely assume that images are under the CC-BY-SA2.0 license, or that the uploader is the author. In these cases we would normally welcome manual investigation and clarifying edits to the image description page.
  • Some images are screenshots of software. Rights to such images may be confused somewhat by the licensing of the software itself (and rights to the design of that software) Screenshots are generally presented here with the aim of illustrating OpenStreetMap processes, and should not be interpreted as a license statement of the software itself.
  • Some images contain significant portions of aerial/satellite imagery, particularly from providers such as bing. Some images are samples of rendered maps. These partial fragments of imagery are generally presented here with the aim of illustrating OpenStreetMap processes, and should not be interpreted as a license statement of the imagery itself.