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Welcome to OpenStreetMap, the project that creates and distributes free geographic data for the world. We started it because most maps you think of as free actually have legal or technical restrictions on their use, holding back people from using them in creative, productive, or unexpected ways.

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Image of the week ±
Lesotho progress 2013-2018.png
Tremendous progress from 2013 to 2018 in the African country of Lesotho, mapping roads (red), and waterways (purple). Learn more on the MapLesotho site ±
News ±
23 Jan.2019-01-232019-01-24 Wiki pages containing outdated but historically relevant information can be marked with the templates {{Historic artifact start}} and {{Historic artifact end}}.
10 Jan.2019-01-102019-01-11 DWG announces that the Organised Editing Guidelines have been officially put online. (More context on the OSMF blog.)
30 Aug.2018-08-302018-08-31 OpenStreetMap condemns recent anti-semitic vandalism, which recently surfaced on the Snapchat app.
4 Jan.2018-01-042018-01-05 OpenStreetMap is participating in Google Summer of Code 2018.
3 Jan.2018-01-032018-01-04 FOSSGIS e.V. (Germany) is now formally established as a foundation local chapter.
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Event Calendar ± – See also Past Events
  Current events
Social 19 Feb.2019-02-192019-02-20 Bonner Stammtisch, Bonn, Germany Germany
Social 19 Feb.2019-02-192019-02-20 East Midlands Pub meetup, Derby, England England
Mapping party 19 Feb.2019-02-192019-02-20 SLC Map Night, Salt Lake City, Utah, United States USA Utah
Mapping party 19 Feb.2019-02-192019-02-20 Missing Maps Reading Mapathon, Reading, UK UK
Social 19 Feb.2019-02-192019-02-20 Lüneburger Mappertreffen, Lüneburg, Germany Germany Lueneburg
Meeting 20 Feb.2019-02-202019-02-21 OpenStreetMap Foundation public board meeting, Mumble, everywhere everywhere
Social 20 Feb.2019-02-202019-02-21 Stammtisch, Karlsruhe, Germany Germany Karlsruhe
Social 20 Feb.2019-02-202019-02-21 Edinburgh, Scotland, UK UK Scotland
Conference 20–24 Feb.2019-02-202019-02-25 FOSS4G-IT 2019 (OSMit2019), Padova, Italy Italy
Speaking 21 Feb.2019-02-212019-02-22 SLUG meeting (with OSM presentation), Salt Lake City, Utah, United States USA Utah
Social 21 Feb.2019-02-212019-02-22 Augsburger Stammtisch, Augsburg, Germany Germany
Social 21 Feb.2019-02-212019-02-22 Stammtisch Freiberg, Freiberg, Germany Germany Freiberg
Social 22 Feb.2019-02-222019-02-23 Metrotown mappy Hour, Greater Vancouver area, Canada Canada
Social 23 Feb.2019-02-232019-02-24 Incontro mensile, Biella, Italy Italy
Conference 23 Feb.2019-02-232019-02-24 【MapaTime!】 @ co.lab, Metro Manila, Philippines Philippines
Pizza 23–24 Feb.2019-02-232019-02-25 Karlsruhe Hack Weekend February 2019, Karlsruhe, Germany Germany Karlsruhe
Meeting 24 Feb.2019-02-242019-02-25 Créer ses propres cartes avec uMap, Rennes, France France Rennes
Mapping party 24 Feb.2019-02-242019-02-25 Mapping party fotográfico en bicicleta o a pie en El Polo - Mapillary, El Polo, Bogotá, Colombia Colombia Bogotá
Social 25 Feb.2019-02-252019-02-26 Bremer Mappertreffen, Bremen, Germany Germany Bremen
Conference 26 Feb.2019-02-262019-02-27 Conférence « Communs numériques - Cartes sensibles », Digne-les-Bains, France France
Social 26 Feb.2019-02-262019-02-27 OSM Stammtisch Viersen, Viersen, Germany Germany
Social 27 Feb.2019-02-272019-02-28 Stammtisch, Düsseldorf, Germany Germany Düsseldorf
Mapping party 27 Feb.2019-02-272019-02-28 Mannheimer Mapathons - in der Stadtbibliothek LU, Ludwigshafen am Rhein, Germany Germany
Mapping party 27 Feb.2019-02-272019-02-28 Missing Maps Mapathon Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland Switzerland Zürich
Social 28 Feb.2019-02-282019-03-01 Lübecker Mappertreffen, Lübeck, Germany Germany Lübeck
Social 28 Feb.2019-02-282019-03-01 Leobersdorfer Stammtisch, Leoberdorf, Austria Austria Leobersdorf
Social 28 Feb.2019-02-282019-03-01 Rencontre des contributeurs de Montrouge et alentours, Montrouge, France France
Conference 1 Mar.2019-03-012019-03-02 byGIS Meetup, Minsk, Belarus Belarus
Mapping party 2 Mar.2019-03-022019-03-03 IODD:尼崎港線アーカイブダンジョン, Amagasaki, Japan Japan Amagasaki
Social 6 Mar.2019-03-062019-03-07 Stuttgarter Stammtisch, Stuttgart, Germany Germany Stuttgart
Social 6 Mar.2019-03-062019-03-07 Kvartální pivo, Praha/Brno/Ostrava, Czech Republic Czech Republic
Social 7 Mar.2019-03-072019-03-08 Stammtisch Dresden, Dresden, Germany Germany Dresden
Meeting 7 Mar.2019-03-072019-03-08 Réunion mensuelle, Nantes, France France Nantes
Social 9 Mar.2019-03-092019-03-10 Incontro mensile, Ivrea, Italy Italy
Meeting 11 Mar.2019-03-112019-03-12 Réunion mensuelle, Rennes, France France Rennes
Meeting 11 Feb.2019-02-112019-02-12 Réunion mensuelle, Bordeaux, France France
Social 11 Mar.2019-03-112019-03-12 OSM Stammtisch Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland Switzerland Zürich
Meeting 11 Mar.2019-03-112019-03-12 OSM x Wikidata #2, MozSpace, Taipei, Taiwan Taiwan
Social 12 Mar.2019-03-122019-03-13 Rencontre mensuelle pour tous, Lyon, France France
Social 12 Mar.2019-03-122019-03-13 SLC Mappy Hour, Salt Lake City, Utah, United States USA Utah
Conference 12 Mar.2019-03-122019-03-13 Espace public numérique d'Arlon - Formation Initiation, utilisation et contribution à OpenStreetMap, Arlon, BelgiumBelgium
Meeting 13 Mar.2019-03-132019-03-14 Münchner Stammtisch, München, Germany Germany München
Conference 13–16 Mar.2019-03-132019-03-17 FOSSGIS 2019, Dresden, Germany Germany Dresden
Social 14 Mar.2019-03-142019-03-15 129. Berlin-Brandenburg Stammtisch, Berlin, Germany Germany
Conference 16–17 Mar.2019-03-162019-03-18 Chemnitzer Linux-Tage 2019, Chemnitz, Germany Germany Chemnitz
Social 19 Mar.2019-03-192019-03-20 Bonner Stammtisch, Bonn, Germany Germany
Social 19 Mar.2019-03-192019-03-20 East Midlands Pub meetup, Nottingham, England England
Social 19 Mar.2019-03-192019-03-20 Edinburgh, Scotland, UK UK Scotland
Mapping party 19 Mar.2019-03-192019-03-20 SLC Map Night, Salt Lake City, Utah, United States USA Utah
Social 19 Mar.2019-03-192019-03-20 Lüneburger Mappertreffen, Lüneburg, Germany Germany Lueneburg
Meeting 20 Mar.2019-03-202019-03-21 Rencontre mensuelle, Toulouse, France France
Social 20 Mar.2019-03-202019-03-21 Stammtisch, Karlsruhe, Germany Germany Karlsruhe
Social 22 Mar.2019-03-222019-03-23 Metrotown mappy Hour, Greater Vancouver area, Canada Canada
Mapping party 23 Mar.2019-03-232019-03-24 ミャンマーに絵本と地図を届けよう~ミャンマーに届ける翻訳絵本作り&自由な世界地図作り~, Tokyo, Japan Japan
Social 25 Mar.2019-03-252019-03-26 Bremer Mappertreffen, Bremen, Germany Germany Bremen
Conference 25–29 Mar.2019-03-252019-03-30 Erasmus+ EuYoutH_OSM Meeting, Portmarnock, Ireland Ireland
Social 28 Mar.2019-03-282019-03-29 Lübecker Mappertreffen, Lübeck, Germany Germany Lübeck
Social 29 Mar.2019-03-292019-03-30 Stammtisch, Düsseldorf, Germany Germany Düsseldorf
Meeting 30 Mar.2019-03-302019-03-31 SOSM annual general meeting, Switzerland Switzerland
  Future big events
Conference 14–16 Jun.2019-06-142019-06-17 State of the Map France 2019, Montpellier, France France
Conference 24–29 Jun.2019-06-242019-06-30 Erasmus+ EuYoutH_OSM Meeting, Angra do Heroísmo, Portugal Portugal
Conference 6–8 Sep.2019-09-062019-09-09 State of the Map US 2019, Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States USA Minnesota
Conference 18–21 Sep.2019-09-182019-09-22 FOSS4GUK 2019, Edinburgh, United Kingdom Scotland UK
Conference 18–23 Sep.2019-09-182019-09-24 Erasmus+ EuYoutH_OSM Meeting, Heidelberg, Germany Germany
Conference 19–20 Sep.2019-09-192019-09-21 HOT Summit 2019, Heidelberg, Germany Germany
Conference 21–23 Sep.2019-09-212019-09-24 State of the Map 2019 (international conference), Heidelberg, Germany Germany
Conference 22–24 Nov.2019-11-222019-11-25 State of the Map Africa 2019, Grand-Bassam, Ivory Coast Ivory Coast