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Like other systems, this wiki has a user role or administrators or sysops. These people can block users, 'delete' pages, 'protect' pages and a few other special wiki operations. They mainly act as janitors or operators, hence the name system operators within this wiki.

List of all 18 administrators

The main purpose of having administrators is to deal with sensitive clean up and maintenance work. In case you need assistance and are not certain if administrative powers are required, you might want to consider contacting a member of the wiki team or post your question at Talk:Wiki.

Role of admins in the wiki

Administrators are trusted users who have access to additional tools in order to carry out maintenance in the wiki. Apart from that, they are ordinary users and do not have a special editorial authority by their position. As opposed to the forum and the main webpage which feature a user group of the same name, most wiki administrators do not have the power to promote other users to administrators. All of the administrators are limited to the respective system i.e. wiki administrators do not have administrative permissions in the forum, except for people being admin in both systems.

Most administrators can be reached via their talk page (see column) or via the e-mail feature.

Typical tasks

Out of all administrator's permissions, the most typical actions include:

Former administrators

The mop is the traditional symbol of adminship.

These users used to hold administrator privileges in this wiki. Most of them lost their rights due to inactivity.

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