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I am morwen on enwiki and other places. See my home page.

I am mapping N4 and eastern Leicester. Also, I have wandered long and wide in London staring at parking meters, bins, and streetname signs, finding boundaries between London boroughs. This works out quite well, although I managed a big Fail when it came to the K&C/H&F border.

My plan for 2008 is to complete Leicester.

I use a Garmin GPS60. This is reasonably priced (£100), rugged, and has a decent size tracklog (10000 points, enough for 2.5 hours at 1p/s).


To propose

  • highway=arcade
    • for covered arcades
    • take photos to demonstrate these and sample other maps to see how they depict them (as footpaths? as a separate class)
  • bus contraflow?
    • the road is one way, except that buses can go the other way
    • we already have a cycle version of this