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Music Venue
Proposal status: Proposals with undefined or invalid status (inactive)
Proposed by: Jojo4u
Tagging: amenity=music_venue
Applies to: node area
Definition: An indoor place where contemporary live music is performed.

Rendered as: perhaps as an icon
Draft started: 2007-03-17


An indoor place where contemporary live music is performed.

These rules are not definite, but some guidelines are:

  • live music only
  • no focus on dancing
  • usually indoors
  • only open when there is a concert
  • calls itself a music venue (as opposed to a restaurant or bar).


No current tag is fitting the described venues. The main tags to differentiate from is:

  • amenity=concert_hall Concert Hall Concert Halls are buildings, or sometimes rooms in a larger building, built specifically for the performance of live music, mainly from the classical tradition.
  • amenity=theatre + {Tag|theatre:genre||philharmonic}} intended to be replaced by concert_hall.

Compared to a concert hall a music venue is more suited to performances of music such as jazz, folk, pop, rock, electronic than to classical performances. It is also usually smaller with a capacity of hundreds and the building often was not built to purpose.

The following features are easy to differentiate from a music venue:

  • amenity=bar In most countries a bar is a purpose-built commercial establishment that sells alcoholic drinks to be consumed on the premises. They are characterised by a noisy and vibrant atmosphere, similar to a party. They usually do not sell food to be eaten as a meal. The music is usually loud and you often have to stand. Sometimes it has a dancefloor, but it's not the main attraction.
  • amenity=pub A pub or public house is an establishment that sells alcoholic drinks that can be consumed on the premises. Pubs commonly sell food which also can be eaten on the premises. They are characterised by a traditional appearance and a relaxed atmosphere. You can usually sit down and there is usually no loud music to disturb conversation.
  • amenity=nightclub A nightclub is a place to dance and drink at night. Also known as disco.
  • amenity=restaurant Sit-down facilities selling full meals served by waiters.
  • amenity=arts_centre Used to mark an arts centre. A venue at which a variety of arts are performed or conducted, and may well be involved with the creation of those works, and run occasional courses.

There is obviously going to be some fuzziness with some venues. There are even dual-use ones like the Nottingham ice arena, but this is a more general problem than should be addressed here. I think, and most venues are going to be representable with one the presented tags.

Leisure or Amenity? The newer key leisure would fit better since it's "for places people go in their spare time." But in practice, all other comparable features are using the amenity key.


In western cultures, I'd imagine most cities have a least at 4, that's at least several hundred in the USA alone. Some famous examples include the [W] Bowery Ballroom in NYC.


Tag Description
name=* Name of venue
capacity=* Number of people it can hold (usually regulated by law).
website=* Website.
wikidata=* Wikidata value of the venue.
addr=* Address.

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