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For Logo files, see Logos.

Purchases from any of the sites on this page will generate commissions for OpenStreetMap. We depend on this income for funding. Please support OpenStreetMap by making purchase from our retail partners whenever possible.

If you are thinking of creating merchandise please follow the relevant terms of the OSMF trademark policy.

As of February 2020 the Communications Working Group (CWG) is running a promotional material (“swag”) programme. We have OSM merchanise and are willing to send it to you! See OSM Promotional Material Programme

Polo shirts, T-shirts and caps

Produced for Linuxwochen 2014 in Vienna. Boy's shirts in black, girl's in blue. Can´t be ordered.

Polo shirts

OpenStreetMap polo shirt

Polo shirts were produced in 2013 as official OpenStreetMap merchandise. You may still be able to buy one for £15 if you're in Birmingham, Seattle or Vancouver.

OSM Surveyors Jacket

The OSM Surveyors Jacket is a high-visibility vest with OpenStreetMap logos and the word "Surveyor" written across the back. It's great for advertising the project when you are out and about, as well helping to reduce the chance of being stopped by concerned members of the public. Perhaps the most famous recipient of a vest is Tim_Berners-Lee on Wikipedia - the inventor of the world-wide web - after an enthusiastic TED talk promoting OpenStreetMap in February 2009.

Originally produced in 2008 [1] (and subsequent batches) the OSMF previously sold these for fundraising and promotion. They have been available online and at several OpenStreetMap events

Today the high-vis vests are available from local community groups:

OpenStreetMap France

OpenStreetMap France have some bright yellow high-vis vests with an OSM logo and french slogan printed on the back.

OpenStreetMap UK

OpenStreetMap UK have high-vis vests with the local chapter logo. These can be ordered online and shipped to addresses within the UK. Orders are fulfilled every month or so, depending on demand.


FLOSS-Shop is a German company. They sell an "OSM Mug". The mug boasts 179 of the most important OSM tags (plus a somewhat fake "amenity=mug, access=private") and is dishwasher safe. Approx 17% of the price of the mug is donated to a registered not-for-profit association.


You can get lots of useful stuff from Amazon—wide range of GPS units, mapping books, batteries, memory, hardware accessories, camera accessories, etc. Anything you purchase via the links below will generate 5% to 9% commission for OpenStreetMap, whereas 9% is hard to reach.

  •  – Affiliate link for which will generate some revenue for OSM when used to purchase stuff.
  • – People are buying all kinds of stuff from Amazon and we are getting around £25 a quarter from this source.
  • – (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) The money is transferred to via FOSSGIS. (not available any more)
    • Originally established by user malenki, this account was managed on behalf of FOSSGIS e.V. by Frederik Ramm, the FOSSGIS treasurer. User grossing also has access. Due to changes in the Amazon terms & conditions this was discontinued in November 2020.
    • statistics for
    • There are two browser addons (Firefox [2] , Safari [3] ) that can help.
    • The templates and make it easier to place Amazon links with ASINs in this wiki with the affiliate id.

For your information, the maximum fee amazon pays per article is €10,- or £7,-. The commission is paid approximately 60 days after the end of each month. [4]

Recycle inkjet cartridges and mobile phones

Recycle4Charity is running a scheme that will donate money to OpenStreetMap for used inkjet cartridges and old mobile phones (£1 per cartridge and up to £30 per phone). Use this link to order some freepost recycle bags. The money automatically gets sent to OpenStreetMap (UK only).

Lintel ban sml.gif

This scheme generates few pounds a quarter, but it's better than sending your stuff to the landfill, and the really nice guys at Recycle4Charity often send us a few extra quid. They must like this project.


MapMyTracks is a real-time GPS tracking application that uses OSM maps on their mobile application. They have an affiliate scheme which will donate £5 to OSM for anyone who signs up to their (non-free) PRO account using this link, or just enter osmfd in the Coupon Code field when you sign up.

If you sign up to the FREE account using this link or the osmfd coupon code, then you'll get a free 3-month upgrade to the PRO account.


New scheme.

Logo Merchandise

Osm mug.jpg

Assorted logo merchandise (mugs, T-shirts etc) used to be available with a commission to OpenStreetMap, but we don't have this set-up at the current time. The Logos are available if somebody wants to set something up



User:Ojw has designed a t-shirt which is available from No revenue to OSM — please donate separately if you want to. Source code

See also: gallery "T-Shirt Competition"

Osm free and open map tshirt.png

HOT Indonesia has designed a t-shirt as a way to introduce OpenStreetMap in Indonesia.
Click this image below to download the design:

User:indiebio designed a T shirt and sticker for the SotM2020 Online conference. As it was a remote conference people were free to print these themselves. Imagico improved on the design.


OSM sticker. Click on image for larger view.

We prepared an OpenStreetMap sticker for the 2008 Perugia Mapping Party. Click on the image at right for an enlarged preview. The source file for the sticker (OpenOffice Draw document) is available for download at this page

These designs were created by HOT Indonesia as a sticker and pin design. It is released under cc-by-sa-2 license.
Click here to download the design:

The OSM Promotional Material Programme includes several sticker designs.

All-over prints

See also