London to Brighton Bike Ride

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Sorry folks, Blackadder now has a problem with the date of the event and cannot attend or organise the team :-(

The 2009 London to Brighton Bike Ride is taking place on Sunday 21st June 2009. Blackadder will be doing it again and is setting up a priority team to take advantage of early registration but to do so needs an idea of numbers who may be interested in joining in too. If you are up for it then please add your name to the list below or email blackadderajr at gmail dot com. More about last years event below.

  • Team Name: OpenStreetMap
  • Team Leader: Andy Robinson (Blackadder)

Who's Joining the Team?


Four+1 OSMers were in the saddle on June 15th 2008 to promote OpenStreetMap and help raise funds for the British Heart Foundation by taking part in the London to Brighton Bike Ride. We raised around £1000 in all.

  • Team Name: OpenStreetMap
  • Team Leader: Andy Robinson (blackadder)
  • Type of team: Club Challenge
  • Start time 07:00


We need your sponsorship! To sponsor a rider please use the links below. The ride is 90km / 56miles if you want to sponsor a rider by distance. Sponsorship is still open.

We are also looking for sponsorship to cover the cost of the small foldout flyers about OSM we plan to distribute to other riders during the event. Click here to donate via PayPal or contact Etienne directly.

Cycle Shirts

We wore the OSM themed hi-vis vests on the ride, so we vere very visible to the other 27,000 participants and also to each other!

The OSM L2B team

Who Took Part?

 Blackadder Rider number 11593 Sponsorship link. About the day
 Welshie : Rider number 9263 : Sponsorship link
 Etienne: Rider number 19722 Sponsorship link
 Graham: Rider number 17821 Sponsorship link
 Gregoryw Entered on 06:00 time (not in OSM team, though).

If you are already entered under another team then let everyone know here too!


Since the ride was very busy anyway, nobody was really trying to break any speed records, so we took the time to make a few detours off the route, and do some mapping. Crawley Down needed a lot of mapping from scratch, plus Smallfield & Ditchling now have street names, and more pubs and traffic lights along the route have been recorded.

At the start
At the finish