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Available languages — Donations
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Please support OpenStreetMap

OpenStreetMap is a non-profit organisation that relies on donations for much of its funding. If you would like to support us donations are very welcome.

Donations can be made by credit card, by PayPal, or by electronic funds transfer.

Donation receipts

If you need a donation receipt then please contact AFTER you have done the donation and please state the details of the transaction. A donation receipt will be provided as PDF.

Online Credit Card Donations to donate using your credit card. The payment is processed by PayPal but you don't need to have a PayPal account or sign-up for one if you are paying by credit card, just follow the instructions carefully. (See Donation comments)

Bitcoin Donations


Our bitcoin address is: 1J3pt9koWJZTo2jarg98RL89iJqff9Kobp

Electronic Funds Transfers

You are encouraged to email stating the amount and date of the donation so that we can ensure that the donation is received.

UK Electronic Funds Transfer

Account name: OpenStreetMap Foundation
Sort-code: 203535
Account number: 23692183
Reference: Donation 

If you want to make a recurring donation you can use these details to set up a standing-order with your bank.

EU Bank Transfers (SEPA / low cost)

Account name: OpenStreetMap Foundation
IBAN: GB73 BARC 2035 3523 6921 83
Reference: Donation
Currency: EURO

Bank name: Barclay Bank PLC
Branch name: West Surrey Area Branches
Bank address: Guildford, Surrey GU1, UK

Make sure to transfer the money in EURO. The bank charges will not exceed the charges for domestic credit transfers in euros.

SEPA consists of the 27 EU member states, the four members of the EFTA (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland) and Monaco.

International Bank Transfers

Account name: OpenStreetMap Foundation
IBAN: GB73 BARC 2035 3523 6921 83
Reference: Donation
Currency: any 

Bank name: Barclay Bank PLC
Branch name: West Surrey Area Branches
Bank address: Guildford, Surrey GU1, UK

PayPal Donations

PayPal Recurring Donation

A regular monthly donation is the best way to help OpenStreetMap. Click on one of the following links to start making regular donations via PayPal:

If you would like to donate a different amount on a regular basis please email treasurer at OpenStreetMap dot org to make suitable arrangements.

Single Donation

Click here to donate via PayPal.

Alternatively use one of the following links to donate directly:


OpenStreetMap is on Flattr:

Become a member

You can help and support us by becoming a member of the OpenStreetMap Foundation. The membership fee is £15 per year and enables you to influence the direction of OpenStreetMap by being able to vote in elections for officers of the foundation. Members may also get discounts on some OSMF organised events (such as the State of the Map conference). You do not have to be a member in order use or contribute to OpenStreetMap.

Ways of joining the OSMF

You're also donating a percentage to the foundation when you buy some OpenStreetMap Merchandise and when you attend the State Of The Map conference

Use of funds

The Foundation currently has a mandate from its members to use funds for the following purposes:

  • Hardware 60%
  • Promotion 20%
  • Legal 20%

The small print

All donations are processed securely via PayPal.

You don't need to be subscribed to PayPal to make a one-off donation and you can pay with a credit card or debit card if you wish. You will need to have, or create, an account with PayPal to setup a recurring donation.

We respect your personal privacy. Your identity will not be disclosed publicly without your consent. However, if you become a member of the foundation the membership list may be disclosed publicly.