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20 August 2018

20 August 2018

    12:19Talk:Tag:natural=stone ‎(3 changes; hist; +584) ‎    ‎[Jidanni‎×3]
    12:18OSM-for-the-dyslexic ‎(2 changes; hist; +434) ‎    ‎[Chippy‎×2]
     12:14(Upload log) ‎    ‎Chippy (talk | contribs) uploaded File:OSM For the Dyslexic Prototype Map.png
     12:01Talk:Fa:Key:noexit ‎(diff; hist; +16) ‎    ‎IrimanShow user links (دستورالعمل‌های بیشتری در کاربرد برچسب)
     11:45User:ToniE/analyze-routes ‎(diff; hist; +57) ‎    ‎ToniEShow user links (Analysierte Verbunde: Anpassungen)
  m  11:32DE:OpenLayers ‎(diff; hist; +1) ‎    ‎DriShow user links (Typo korrigiert)
     11:31WikiProject Belgium ‎(diff; hist; +15) ‎    ‎DonarreiskofferShow user links (Places)
     11:31Contributors ‎(diff; hist; +257) ‎    ‎NKAShow user links (Added Statens Vegvesen)
     11:29Template:Translation out of sync ‎(diff; hist; +6) ‎    ‎IrimanShow user links (change to category name in fa)
     11:27Deggendorf/Transportation/Analyse/DE-BY-VLD-Linien ‎(diff; hist; +20) ‎    ‎ToniEShow user links (Stadbusse DEG: 400x/x)
     11:03Lüneburg/Mappertreffen ‎(diff; hist; +78) ‎    ‎HolzheizerShow user links (Dienstag, 21.08.2018 um 19:00 Uhr)
     10:57Talk:Tag:amenity=parking ‎(diff; hist; +247) ‎    ‎May jay wikiShow user links (pay by mobile/phone)
     10:56Tag:route=motorboat ‎(diff; hist; +130) ‎    ‎U30303020Show user links (Junction network: Depreciated network relations)
     10:55Tag:route=canoe ‎(diff; hist; +130) ‎    ‎U30303020Show user links (Junction network: Network relations depreciated)
     10:50Template:NL:How to map a:F ‎(diff; hist; -89) ‎    ‎U30303020Show user links (Fietsroute: Deleted depreciated network relation askpect)
     10:48DE:Fahrradroutentagging ‎(diff; hist; +227) ‎    ‎U30303020Show user links (Routen eines Netzwerkes zusammenfassen: Netzwerk-Relationen technisch überholt)
 N   10:46Tag:amenity=cloakroom ‎(diff; hist; +2,109) ‎    ‎BkilShow user links (genesis)
    10:44FAQ ‎(2 changes; hist; +207) ‎    ‎[Polarbear w; Katpatuka]
     10:37Fietsroutes ‎(diff; hist; +47) ‎    ‎U30303020Show user links ‎ ‎
     10:34Hu:Types of relation ‎(diff; hist; -198) ‎    ‎U30303020Show user links (Egyebek: Depreciated network relations)
     10:33Cs:Typy relací ‎(diff; hist; -148) ‎    ‎U30303020Show user links (Jiné: Network relations depreciated)
     10:32JA:リレーションの種類 ‎(diff; hist; -124) ‎    ‎U30303020Show user links (その他: Depreciated network relations)
     10:31FR:Sports d'hiver ‎(diff; hist; -60) ‎    ‎U30303020Show user links (Procédures: Depreciated network relations)
     10:30DE:Types of relation ‎(diff; hist; -101) ‎    ‎U30303020Show user links (Sonstige: Netzwerk-Relationen technisch überholt)
     10:29Az:Əlaqələr ‎(diff; hist; -243) ‎    ‎U30303020Show user links (Другое: network relations depreciated)
     10:28Pl:Relacja ‎(diff; hist; -138) ‎    ‎U30303020Show user links (Inne: Deleted link to depreciated network relation)
     10:27Sv:Relationer ‎(diff; hist; -124) ‎    ‎U30303020Show user links (Annat: Deleting link to depreciated network relations)
     10:26FR:Relations ‎(diff; hist; -124) ‎    ‎U30303020Show user links (Autres: Deleted link to depreciated network relations)
     10:24RU:Отношения ‎(diff; hist; -238) ‎    ‎U30303020Show user links (Другое: Deleted link to network relations)
  m  10:22DE:Bicycle/OSM-Radfahreranwendungen ‎(diff; hist; +157) ‎    ‎Chris2mapShow user links (Online-Fahrradkarten auf OSM Basis: Verfügbarkeiten ergänzt, bei Services, die nicht erreichbar sind.)
     10:22Types of relation ‎(diff; hist; -124) ‎    ‎U30303020Show user links (Others: Deleted link to depreciated feature)
     10:20Innsbruck/ÖPNV ‎(diff; hist; +190) ‎    ‎U30303020Show user links (Netzwerk: Netzwerk-Relationen sind überholt)
    10:19Tag:amenity=reception desk ‎(4 changes; hist; +3,747) ‎    ‎[Bkil‎×4]
     10:18Proposed features/Extend camp site ‎(diff; hist; +195) ‎    ‎BkilShow user links (Tags for separate objects: recommend amenity=reception_desk instead of custom tag)
     10:16Tag:route=inline skates ‎(diff; hist; -276) ‎    ‎U30303020Show user links (Junction network: Deleting info about depreciated network relations)
     10:13Relations/Proposed/Network ‎(diff; hist; +319) ‎    ‎U30303020Show user links (Marking feature as depreciated)
    09:54FR:Tag:amenity=embassy ‎(2 changes; hist; +80) ‎    ‎[Gendy54‎×2]
     09:50Saskatchewan ‎(diff; hist; +1) ‎    ‎U30303020Show user links (Saskatchewan, Canada: Superscript)
 N   09:41Talk:Knotenpunktsystem ‎(diff; hist; +358) ‎    ‎U30303020Show user links (Zweck der Netzwerkrelation: new section)
     09:34Talk:Ortsgrößenklassen ‎(diff; hist; +361) ‎    ‎U30303020Show user links (Merkwürdige Rechnung: new section)
    09:31Tag:natural=birds nest ‎(2 changes; hist; +839) ‎    ‎[Bkil‎×2]