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Production of the polo shirts was organised in 2013 by Harry Wood and the Communication Working Group, as official merchandise for OpenStreetMap. You may still be able to get hold of them.

OpenStreetMap polo shirt

These Polo Shirts have an embroidered OpenStreetMap logo, perfect for wearing proudly to any mapping/technology events to show off your involvement in our fantastic project. The premium polo shirts are 65% cotton, comfortable and durable, making them ideal work wear, or leisurewear. They have a 3 button tone placket with sleeve cuffs and collar, and of course the detailed highly durable washable embroidered OpenStreetMap logo. Wear them at mapping parties, hack weekends, weddings. A quality garment for all occasions.

Photos: embroidered design, box of shirts, more on flickr

Buying one

Polo shirts were originally sold for £15 ($25), with all profits going to the OpenStreetMap Foundation.

You may still be able to acquire a polo shirt on that basis by face-to-face contact with people, but they're only in a few locations now:

StuartL in Birmingham, UK: 4xL 4xXL
Bob Kerr in Edinburgh: 10xL (Looking for someone in Edinburgh to take over, or someone to bring them back to London)
Mapbox in D.C. : 2xS 1xM 5xXL
Clifford Snow in Seattle  : 2xS 2xXL
Paul Norman in Vancouver : 3xXL

Purchasing by post / abroad

We need to set this up. If you're interested, particularly if you can help, please get in touch.

Another production run?

Harry organised a company in east London to make up a batch of 100 of them. It would actually be cheaper (moar profits!) to produce a second batch, since they have the design set-up now (Or they did. It was quite a while ago now, but hopefully they still do), but it's challenging to organise what to do with a massive box of polo shirts (who will store them? How will we distribute them?) and Harry isn't volunteering to take that on again.