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Engineering student at UBC. I live in New West.

I commute along Marine or the 91A frequently.


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gdal resampling timings

Based on surrey tile 018_40cm from 2008 orthophotos. These tests were not conducted rigorously, other processes were operating at the time, however gdal2tiles does not take advantage of multiple CPUs so it is likely this did not matter. cubicspline and lanczos had files unzipping in the background while running, but cubicspline is worthlessly fuzzy and lanczos is the slowest anyways.

Tile sampled: 18/41560/172317

gdal2tiles -z 18 -r *method* --s_srs=EPSG:26910 018_40cm.tif 018_40cm


lanczos: 25:00

cubicspline : 7:00

cubic: 2:15

bilinear: 1:90

near: 1:15

average: 1:40




Resample Cubicspline.png





Quality (sharpness): near, cubic, average, bilinear, cubicspline,

Quality (distortion): cubicspline, average, bilinear, cubic, near

Conclusions: Cubicspline is worthless with how fuzzy it is. Cubic, Near, Average are all options.