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For Icons on rendered maps, see Map Icons.

Official logos

Derived projects

Logo design competitions

We sometimes run several logo competitions to design and select new logos for our projects.

State of the Map logos

International conferences

See also State Of The Map (SOTM).

State of the Map Brazil

State of the Map Europe

State of the Map France

State of the Map Scotland

Other European State of the Map conferences

State of the Map United States

State of the Map Latin America

State of the Map Argentina

State of the Map Asia

State of the Map Japan (日本)

International projects logos

National projects logos

in Americas

in Europe

in Africa

in Asia and Oceania

Regional/city projects logos

in Brazil

in Germany (Deutschland)

in India

in Korea

in Spain (España)

in Switzerland (Schweiz, Suisse, Svizzera)

in the United Kingdom

in the United States of America

in Venezuela

in other countries or territories

Other logos

LGBTQ* logos

OpenSeaMap logos



Mastodon servers dedicated to OpenStreetMap logos

Other designs for stickers

While logos can be printed as stickers, not all stickers comprise mainly of logos. This section is intended to gather those designs, especially those with texts that can be translated in other languages.

I love OpenStreetMap

Stickers to be affixed on site

Attribution fixer sticker

A sticker you can put on an infringing map you see, to make it compliant; composition by M!dgard, OSM logo CC BY SA 3.0 by Ken Vermette.

  • CA - CA translation by Pau Nofuentes Sendra.
  • DE - DE
  • EN - EN
  • ES - ES translation by Raúl.
  • FR - FR translation by Kokou Elolo AMEGAYIBO.
  • GL - GL
  • IT - IT translation by Marcor
  • LT - LT translation by Nerijus.
  • NL - NL translation by Georges Kuster.
  • PL - PL translation by Miłosz Kania.
  • PT - PT
  • SOT - SOT translation by Mzwandile Thokoane
  • SQ - SQ
  • ZH_CN - ZH_CN translation by 快乐的老鼠宝宝

Other designs :

  • Merci-pour-cette-carte.svg
  • Attribution-square.svg
  • OSM Logo Animated.gif - Animated

Funny Stickers

Another collection of OpenStreetMap stickers can be found here.

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